“Bodies Bodies Bodies”, The Satire that Examines Generation Z

An Old Formula of Horror Movies has Stolen the Attention of Lovers of the Genre by Showing with Comedy the Portrait of a Generation Under Construction.

Still from the movie 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies'

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Normally, everyone is innocent until proven otherwise; With "Bodies Bodies Bodies," everyone is guilty until proven otherwise. At Halloween season, this film is the latest big bet from A24, the production company that defines itself as the antithesis of Disney.

The premise is not new at all: a reunion of old friends in a mansion in the middle of nowhere with a hurricane on board and a role-playing game that begins to cloud the atmosphere. However, the strength of the film lies in a predictable formula that concludes with an absurd background, which plays with common sense and perplexes the viewer.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” is based on a story written by Kristen Ropuenian, author of the bestselling “Cat Person”. In addition, it is the English-language debut of the Dutch Halina Reijn, who with "Instinct" was her country's choice to be represented at the 2020 Oscars, but she was not nominated.

What is the film about?

The main plot introduces Sophie (Amandla Stenberg of “The Hate U Give”), a wealthy young woman just out of rehab, and her partner Bee (Maria Bakalova), a middle-class young woman. They head to a party celebrating the passage of a hurricane in a mansion where they complete the group of friends with Jordan (Myha'la Herrold), Emma (Chase Sui Wonders), Alice (Rachel Sennott), Greg (Lee Pace) and David (Pete Davidson). After an awkward reception to Sophie about her past, the group decides to play "Bodies Bodies Bodies", her favorite game.

With this game, the harmony that they had been bringing is destabilized and the spectator begins to receive certain stimuli of suspense. The game consists of one of the people playing the role of the murderer and having to touch another person from behind, who will be the victim, while the others must discover who the murderer is. In the midst of this discussion, several uncomfortable truths come to light and David, the owner of the house, decides to leave them.

Since then, they begin to disintegrate as a group. With the first of them dead, everyone has an obvious culprit, but killings - even mutual - continue to occur from the first victim.

Obviousness and common sense will end up being the enemy of the viewer, who will take for granted the suspicion of at least four members of the group as the alleged murderer.

One of the highlights of the film is the balance it finds between horror, gore, suspense and, above all, comedy. At this point, Pete Davidson's performance offers a plus with his constant sarcasm.

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Portrait of Generation Z

There is a very good representation of an anxious generation (there is Xanax everywhere) and sometimes insecure. Almost all of the characters are intended to create the appearance of being carefree, as many come from wealthy families. The great paradox is that the tendency to appear on social networks ends up being the condemnation of the majority.

The primary trigger is the discussion about the term "gaslight", a term coined in recent years, which is nothing more than the act of making someone doubt their judgment by discrediting their positions. As if that were not enough, the background is limited to a role-playing game, so popular in this generation, and the worst crisis is when they run out of signal in the middle of nowhere with a hurricane on board.

These young people begin to have pending conversations that they should have had in the past only when they see death up close. At times, they are all very close, but personal details about each one begin to be revealed, such as Sophie's rehabilitation, David and Emma's relationship problems, family secrets and mutual disagreements. Instead of engaging in collective therapy or listening to each other, many begin to betray themselves or pass responsibility from hand to hand.

Each viewer will decide from which perspective they see the film. Many will be inclined towards terror and suspense, others will enjoy comedy and many will analyze the discussions that reflect between the lines the main problems of a generation that is still in the process of defining itself.