Favorites To Win The Ball, Booty And Golden Glove Of the World Cup In Qatar 2022

The World Cup in Qatar has reached its last weekend, where the best team in the competition and the best soccer players in this competition will be awarded. What are the big favorites to win these awards?

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A new world championship is about to end, where the Argentine and French National Teams will define the great champion of this competition. These selected have been the most outstanding of the entire tournament, an aspect that has allowed them to conclude this contest on December 18, which has been classified as one of the most exciting and surprising world championships in recent years.

With the end of the World Cup just a few days away, it is worth mentioning some players who have had an excellent performances in Qatar, emerging as the clear favorites to win some individual awards. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that these recognitions also help to give an important boost to the careers of these footballers, who have shown the world of football their quality as professionals.

The Golden Glove

The prize for the best goalkeeper of the competition will be defined between Emiliano Martínez from Argentina, Yassine Bounou from Morocco, and Dominik Livaković from Croatia. The 'Dibu' Martínez has been one of the keys for the Argentine National Team to reach the final of the world championship since with the great saves he has given the necessary security to the entire defensive zone of the Latin American team.

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For her part, Yassine Bounou has been one of the great revelations of the World Cup, since she has demonstrated her feline reflexes when stopping charges from the penalty spot. This aspect has been enhanced by her magnificent performances in all rounds of the tournament. Finally, Dominik Livaković has become one of the surprises of the Croatian National Team, a team that owes a large part of its stay in the competition to its goalkeeper, remembering its appearances against Japan and Brazil.

Best Youth Player

In Qatar we have been able to see great future soccer stars, however, three soccer players have stood out more than the rest. The Croatian defender Joško Gvardiol, the Argentine forward Julián Álvarez, and the Moroccan midfielder Azzedine Ounahi have been the youth players who have given the most talk in this World Cup. The Leipzig defender has become one of the figures of the Croatian National Team, at just 20 years old he has shown his character and defensive talent, which have been essential to reach the semifinals of this competition.

The Moroccan midfielder from France's Angers has drawn the attention of big European teams, who have begun testing the ground to retain his talent in midfield. At just 22 years old, Ounahi has become one of the most prominent banners of the Moroccan National Team, which has made history in Qatar by reaching the semifinals of the championship. Lastly, the Manchester City striker has earned a place in the 'albiceleste' starting eleven. At the age of 22, Álvarez has catapulted himself as one of the best young forwards today, a recognition that can bring great joy to all Argentines in the coming years.

The Goal Of The Tournament

In this competition, we have seen high-profile goals, which could keep this important recognition. However, two entries will be disputing this award. The goal scored by the Brazilian striker Richarlison against the Serbian National Team is the clear favorite to keep this award. In this play, the Tottenham attacker controlled the ball, and without letting it fall he performed a pirouette in the air, this being one of the best definitions of the championship.

The great rival to Richarlison's goal is that of the Mexican midfielder Luis Gerardo Chávez, a footballer who took advantage of a free kick approximately 35 meters away from the goal of the Saudi Arabian National Team. At the time of the collection, the 'tri' footballer has taken the determination to take a powerful shot, which left the Arab goalkeeper with no chance of a reaction, thus becoming a master for both the Mexican National Team.

The Golden Boot

The championship's top scorer will be defined between two great finalists. Lionel Messi and Killian Mbappé will compete for this award in the final of the competition, an aspect that makes this match more interesting. In the run-up to this commitment, the attacker and captain of the Argentina National Team arrive with five goals, the same number of goals that the French striker has, so whoever scores the most goals in this great definition will keep this important recognition. individual.

The Best Player Of The Competition

As in the definition of the Golden Boot, Lionel Messi and Killian Mbappé will compete for the most relevant award of the competition, since both players have been the most outstanding in the championship. The French attacker has once again demonstrated his growth as a professional, adapting in the best way to the game of his teammates, an aspect that has allowed him to score a large number of goals, being essential for the offensive zone of the European team.

For his part, the Argentine attacker has become the banner of the South American National Team. His goals and assists have made him the most unbalancing player in the championship since he has not only managed to stand out individually but has also helped all his teammates to boost their game, this being one of the great secrets behind the excellent moment that is coming. having those directed by Lionel Scaloni.

The Qatar 2022 world championship has left us with great sporting moments, which will last in the history of football, where all these outstanding footballers will most certainly appear on the front pages. In addition, this World Cup will remain in the memory of all fans for being one of the most competitive, even, and exciting in recent years.