2022 Is Over: These Are The 5 Series That Reigned In Streaming

With the end of 2022, we will do the best counts of the year. We start with this, with the series that reigned on streaming platforms during 2022.

Stranger Things, Severance

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This year was the year of the reactivation of many premieres that had been postponed after the pandemic. Some long-awaited series and spin-offs were released on streaming platforms and were successful. We have prepared this list with the 5 series reigned in streaming services.

Netflix's "Stranger Things 4"

Although this year has not been the best time for this well-known streaming platform, we can affirm that within its statistics, the fourth season of the American series "Stranger Things" continues to top the list of the "Netflix Top 10: global", with 286.7 million hours watched. This series created by the Duffer brothers had an investment of 270 million dollars. Without a doubt, it is a huge investment that was observed on the screen. "Stranger Things 4" is made up of 9 chapters full of terror and a first-rate villain, which has been ranked by viewers as the best in the series so far. In addition, this was the first season to reach number 1 in 83 countries worldwide, thus achieving a new record for the platform.

HBO MAX's "House of the Dragon"

This story of drama, fantasy, and war are undoubtedly one of the giants of streaming. It is a work of fiction, which is a spin-off of the popular series “Games of Thrones”. HBO MAX decided to surprise fans with this new story that comes from the universe of kings, knights, and dragons. "The House of the Dragon" focuses on one of the noble families in the fantasy literature saga "A Song of Ice and Fire", known as the House of Targaryens. "La Casa del Dragón" ended its first season with a figure of 29 million viewers per chapter, and with that became the most-watched series on HBO MAX in 2022. In Spain, it surpassed all the records that it managed to surpass its parent series.

Apple TV "Severance"

On November 1, it was 3 years since the launch of the Apple TV platform. Despite its short history, the brand has delivered high-quality series to the public. This emphasis on producing audiovisual works that are not the envy of the Netflix or HBO MAX platforms has given them several awards. This is the case of the series "Severance", which achieved 14 Emmy Award nominations as the best dramatic series, best-supporting actors, best production design, best script, and other nominations. This dramatic story was written and created by television writer-producer Dan Erickson. There, the protagonist, Mark Scout, leads a team at Lumon Industries that is made up of employees who underwent a surgical procedure that has the purpose of dividing the memory of each collaborator between work and personal life.

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Hulu's "Handmaid's Tale"

Hulu is a video subscription service that was created in 2017. Currently, it works mainly in the United States, but in other regions of the continent, such as Latin America, the service is provided through Star+. Like Apple TV, its short run hasn't stopped it from staying near the top of streaming platforms. One of his greatest examples of audiovisual quality is the dystopian television series known as “El Cuento de la Criada”. This is a story based on the 1985 novel of the same name. This story was organized into 10 episodes by the streaming service Hulu at the end of 2016. In this series, a dystopia plot that originates after the second Civil War in the United States is presented. In a fundamentalist regime, fertile women (called servants) are forced to live in slavery of constant pregnancies. "The Handmaid's Tale" has been awarded at the Emmy Awards for Best Production Design and Best Guest Actor.

Amazon Prime "Better Days"

This is the Spanish series that has achieved a score of 8.5 in the Internet movies and series database (IMDb). "Better Days" is made up of 10 episodes that last 50 minutes. It is one of the most viewed series on the platform after only a week of having been released. The series tells the process of overcoming five strangers who are in a curious mourning therapy.

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