Ecological Card for Payments with Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrencies have arrived to give a new digital commerce model; its implementation is already very significant worldwide, and most businesses have adopted this payment system.

Vickie Sung

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As technology has made the economic model evolve, the forms of commercial exchange have also changed. As a result, there is a great variety when carrying out financial transactions.

Cryptocurrencies have arrived to give a new digital commerce model; its implementation is already very significant worldwide, and most businesses have adopted this payment system.

Although cryptocurrencies are well-known and widely used, they still have drawbacks when making some payments; based on this reality, some companies have taken the initiative to create cards through which they can be traded.

The issuance and creation of these ecological cards have been the precise solution for the users of digital currencies, leaving aside the process of exchanging crypto assets and reducing their commission fees.

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Crypto cards operate with bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies

These cards aim to capture the attention of most users who are part of the crypto markets, giving them the advantage of making payments easily, quickly, and efficiently with Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies.

One of the most recognized cards is Wirebit, developed by a Mexican company with a long history of creating products for the financial industry.

This company is responsible for distributing points of sale to businesses interested in operating with cryptocurrencies to facilitate the processes.

These cards are straightforward to use; like any traditional card we are used to, they can be operated in millions of businesses with total probability.

Benefits of operating with crypto cards

The main advantage of making transactions and payments with this type of card is that it provides independence and financial autonomy over our digital assets, in addition to avoiding going through the process of changing platforms to obtain economic fluidity.

Another good aspect is that it allows cash withdrawals through electronic teller machines worldwide; they are financial instruments of great support and credibility, allowed by businesses without any inconvenience.

This new means of payment has a high level of security. It can be managed through an application available for Android and macOS. You can access and consult the operations carried out and balances and block the associated financial instruments if desired.

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Crypto cards have been easy to use and access

To have control of the crypto cards, only a mobile device is required, and the application related to it must be installed and started using it.

To obtain a Wirebit card, we only have to register our data on its platform and then make the corresponding request through the web page or mobile application.

Becoming a creditor of this essential financial product is very easy. However, we least imagine the magnitude of all the benefits we will be obtaining, evolving to a new simple way to make payments for goods and services we contract.

Possible risks when using crypto cards

According to the variability of the price of cryptocurrencies, one day, they may no longer be valuable; some businesses will not want to accept payments.

Possibly, they can hack the accounts associated with these cards by possessing the assets in cryptocurrencies and never recovering them again.

Fiscal and tax expenses could arise when changing crypto assets to traditional cash, which is not pleasant or convenient for any user, client, or service provider.

Since the beginning of cryptocurrencies, the risks involved in their use have been no secret to anyone; therefore, we are already used to the fact that within this medium, you must take risks if you want to win.


Increasingly, cryptocurrencies manage to gain the trust and credibility of users with their advances, which makes the economic processes that are a daily part of life more straightforward.

With the creation and implementation of the cryptographic card, this new payment system will capture many more users who can carry out their operations and commercial payments easily, avoiding delays and expenses when using the exchange platforms.

These cards are the door to a new evolution of the digital economy, which will be the one that, in the future, achieves a financial balance for the entire world population, providing better benefits to the quality of life.