How to Attend the RBD Tour in Latin America?

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Colombia got into the RBD tour at the last minute, but what will happen to the other countries in the region?

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Next August 25th begins at the Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso in the United States "Soy Rebelde Tour", RBD's tour of the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia (for the moment). The Mexican group that left its mark in the mid-2000s included Medellín at the last minute in its itinerary for November 3rd.

For now, they have made 45 dates public, of which there are no tickets left in Mexico or Brazil. The completion of this first stage of the tour would be, culminating on December 17 with the presentation that they will make at the Foro Sol in Mexico City.

Anahí, Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez will be the group's lineup on a tour that could exceed more than a million and a half attendees if it manages to sell all the tickets.

How did the meeting start?

2020 made the vast majority of people nostalgic for confinement. For that year, the members of RBD decided to perform "Ser o Parecer", a virtual concert. That event was the settled debt that the group had with their fans, and for this they used technology with extended reality and stage work.

Months before the concert, RBD's catalog was included on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or YouTube Music. That action was the first nod that the return was on the way.

However, the wait was long. The anticipation campaign began with the profiles of the RBD members and the launch of a countdown on a web page. Since the end of 2022, we had to wait until January 19 for the dates on which they were going to perform to be revealed. From then on, more concerts and countries have been added to the RBD calendar.

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Ticket cost

Generally speaking, there is not much hype with the price of tickets. Every RBD fan, regardless of their purchasing power, could access one of them. The big problem is that due to the oversupply, it will be difficult to get the tickets for the short time they last on sale.

In Mexico, they will be presented in Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City. In all the cities, the maximum ceiling of the prices is of 235 dollars; while the cheapest among the three cities is the $45 entry fee in Guadalajara.

For Brazil, the cost decreases more, since in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo the maximum limit is 162 dollars. The cheapest in this country is at 37 dollars. For RBD, the public in Brazil has a special effect, since the expectation they generate there exceeds the imaginable.

Despite complaints about inflation and various cost overruns in previous concerts, the concert to be held in Medellín for Colombia is, for now, the one with the cheapest ticket on the tour at $24. However, it is also the Latin American country with the most expensive ticket for the tour at $420.

For the United States, prices change drastically depending on the city, but it is estimated that the least expensive is around 60 dollars and the most expensive is over 600 dollars. In general terms, there were no exorbitant differences between one country and another at the time of the price at the box office.

What about the rest of Latin America?

The news for the cities and countries that were not included in the tour is not good. In an interview, Dulce María clarified that several countries were needed because it will not be a world tour. In the first instance, there were the United States, Brazil and Mexico because on the last tour they could not say goodbye to their local audience.

However, Colombia managed to sneak in with two dates in Medellín. In fact, it is also rumored that they can go to Bogotá. This being the case, and with the majority of the ticket office ending in Brazil and Mexico, Colombia could be the most viable country for those looking to travel from Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, or Chile and enjoy "Soy Rebelde Tour".