Claudia Gómez: Her Path as Cybersecurity Advisor

However, with the passing of technological changes, security was migrating to other environments to exercise its protection there. This is the case with the arrival of the Internet, connectivity to virtual spaces became a constant and cyberspace began to be populated by digital citizens, some with charitable interests and others not so much.

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The role of women in the security of cyberspace, not only there but also in the information security of individuals and organizations in general, has had a discreet focus that has been strengthened over time. This approach has allowed for addressing various issues.

I started in this area, being a Security Project Manager a TELCO 15 years ago and then 6 years ago, also an entrepreneur in these issues, more on the side of awareness and education. The conclusion that I draw from these more than 3 decades is that it is a culture of life, as the slogan we created says and that means that we are continuously training ourselves, not out of necessity, but for pleasure.

It is gratifying to see women throughout Latin America championing these issues that seem to be more focused on the male sex.

There are several lines where we can focus our learning and, in my case, I was interested in the topic of consulting, management, and education, with my other strengths I have been enriching the tools to educate people who are the main security shields in the organizations, this has allowed me to enjoy what I have created, even for social purposes.

We recently devised a way to reach people through humor by doing cybersecurity “stand-up comedy”, and we believe that it is a very effective way to do what we like.

I also ventured into social engineering, hacking, and forensic auditing, which raised the adrenaline due to the high component of investigation and curiosity that this implies. This is how different skills are being tested and one is finding the path where one feels more comfortable and where one is reaching surprising and generally profitable destinations.

These days, coincidentally, the road is leading me to another of those challenges that move us out of our comfort zone, but that will surely leave us with a lot to learn about safety and about life itself. The culture of life that I mentioned earlier is that culture that makes you think about risks daily, having your emergency bag ready in case a disaster occurs, becoming a brigade member here and riding your bike, suspecting a strange message or call, sharing your creative passion, and multiply the taste for this world of bits and bytes, but also of sixth sense and humanity.


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