Blink-182 Cancels its Presentation: How to Enjoy Every Day of the Festival Stereo Picnic?

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With the novelty of 4 days from March 23 to 26, the FEP hopes to have a historic edition. What are the main characteristics of each day? Here we tell you what day to choose according to your tastes after the cancellation of Blink-182.

 Blink 182, Picnic Stereo Festival

Photo: Blink 182, Picnic Stereo Festival

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The Festival Estéreo Picnic lost the most important act on the chart with Blink-182, due to a finger injury to their drummer Travis Barker. They turned to Twenty One Pilots as plan B, a band that mixes rap with rock and that has already been on the stage at FEP. This change was crucial, since the box office on Thursday, the day the punk/rock band performed, was the first to sell out the first two stages.

Now those who wanted to witness the return of Blink-182 will have to wait another year or settle for what was left of the poster.

The FEP for this year opened his horizons. It has always been characterized by its massive rock, pop and electronic proposal. Now he comes with a stronger curatorship in rap, which has always been there, but not with as much representation; and the urban.

In the local rental, they bet a lot on the alternative mixed with folklore. However, its last three editions have had surprising and successful acts such as those of Grupo Niche, Binomio de Oro and this year they are going with Alci Acosta and Jerry Rivera.

If you are still undecided, we will tell you how to take advantage of each day according to your musical tastes.


Thursday's offer still points to an audience devoted to rock. Despite Blink-182's failure, there is a Twenty One Pilots endorsement in the genre, even if their audience is vastly different. Plus, there's The 1975, Wallows, Cigarettes After Sex.

On the other hand, there is an unmissable offer for those who travel between rock and electronic music with Cut Copy or Tame Impala, which have psychedelia as an additive. Electropop comes from Melanie Martinez, 100 GECS or Juliana, who also sticks to pop ballads. The rest of the offer follows electronic and indie acts.


This day is probably the most festive of the festival. It has the representation of the 'mainstream': Drake and his rap with R&B. There is also Rosalía with her urban stamp that emerges from flamenco. R&B finds in Mabiland one of the most important Colombian exponents of the genre. To follow the offer of the day, there are urban proposals such as Mora, Sen Senra and Louta.

The other strong component of Friday comes from indie pop and Blondie, Willow, Tove Lo, Aurora or Salt Cathedral can fit there. Fred Again will be the heavyweight of electronic and The Rose will be new as a Kpop group in the FEP. To close the party, you can't ignore Jerry Rivera's salsa, which feels like a rarity, but can end up being a great show.

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After the party day, one dedicated to electronic lovers arrives. There will be top-notch shows like The Chemical Brothers, Armin van Buuren, Moderat and Gorgon City. This genre will have its compensation with rap, because there the flag is carried by the Wu-Tang Clan, Trueno, Mugre Sur and No Rules Clan.

Saturday also has a good urban curatorship at the festival. Those who need the perreo will have some Bizarrap, Ryan Castro and Dawer X Damper. The role of Jerry Rivera on Friday will be fulfilled, from the boleros, by Alci Acosta, who will probably have a show at dawn.


Its main feature targets a much younger target audience than in the days before, with Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X leading the day's performances. On the other hand, in the section of national artists is La Ramona, who was the guest artist of Miley Cyrus during her visit to Bogotá.

However, the genre that will dominate will be pop, as there are several alternatives with Morat, Conan Gray, Dominic Fike or Elsa and Elmar. In addition, it will have a broad representation of the LGBTI community with Villano Antillano or Lil Nas X, among other acts. The other notable presences are those of Tokischa, Kali Uchis or Jamie XX.

The 'side shows' of the FEP

As is customary, every year, the festival has presentations parallel to the big event on previous days. Last year it was Black Pumas and Fatboy Slim. For this occasion, those who want to go to a more private event and different from the festival format, will be able to enjoy Tove Lo, who will give the opening concert on March 22 at the Royal Center.

On the other hand, the public will also be able to enjoy what Blondie and Cut Copy have together in a show that will also take place on March 22 at the Las Américas Tent.

There are still ticket offices at the FEP for each day from the second stage, except for Thursday, which continues with third stage prices. Three-day combos are also available.