This is What the Players Awarded at The Best Awards Earn

The Best Awards honoured the best of football in 2022. The best athletes, men, women, and coaches who excelled in the past year were recognized.

'The Best' Award

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Soccer is an industry that leaves millions of dollars and euros in profit. Not only for the clubs or businessmen, but for the players. Recently, the best players of the year 2022 were awarded in an event that brought together the best of football. The Best also brings together the players who receive the most money for their talent.

This is what each of the winners of The Best awards earn each year.

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Alexia Putellas

The best female player in the world, according to The Best, has one of the highest salaries in women's soccer, approximately 150,000 euros a year, according to Hollywoods Magazine. Although that is a higher salary than the average European, it is far below that of his fellow men at Barcelona. On average, a Barcelona player earns 5 million euros, with Dembelé being the one with the highest salary.

Lionel Scaloni

The world champion Argentine coach is one of the great revelations. He not only won the third world cup for Argentina, he also won the award for best coach at The Best gala. After recently renewing his contract at the helm of the Argentine team, he went from earning 800 thousand sterling pounds to 1.5 million per year, according to Sportspayouts . The contract is now for the end of 2026, when the World Cup in Canada, Mexico, and the United States ends. The press even assures that the 4-year contract can amount to 9 million pounds with bonuses.

Sarah Wegmann

The best women's soccer coach also has an important contract. The England coach recently renewed her contract until 2027. Although her current salary is not exactly known, it is known that the old contract meant £400,000 a year with no bonuses. Likewise, this salary is less than the 5 million a year earned by Gareth Southgate, her colleague on the England men's team.

Leonel Messi

The best player in the world and who won the award for best player in the World Cup is one of the highest paid players in the world. Today, the Argentine from PSG earns approximately 30 million free euros a year. Although his salary represents a clear expense for the Parisian team, owned by the Qatari family, his image has also been a source of income, from the sale of shirts and the arrival of new sponsors.

Emiliano "Dibu" Martinez

Perhaps the most controversial award of the night was the choice of Emiliano Martínez as the best goalkeeper of 2022. Despite the fact that he was vital to Argentina's achievement of the World Cup, many others do not consider that his level has been the best throughout the year. The Aston Villa goalkeeper in the Premier League earns approximately 6.8 million euros per season, according to

Mary Earps

According to The Sun newspaper, in 2022, the current winner of the world's best goalkeeper award, Mary Earps, was revealed to earn approximately £1,350 a week, which would represent about £65,000 a year. This, likewise, is well below the salary of a professional soccer player in Europe.

Most award winners may not be the best paid on the market. Players like Kylian Mbappé or Karim Benzema are among the players with the best contracts, but who only managed to enter the ideal XI. Additionally, Cristiano Ronaldo, a regular player in this type of awards, has lost prominence since he arrived in Saudi Arabia, but his salary may be within the Top 3 in the world.

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