Max Verstappen vs. Checo Pérez: Red Bull's Internal Struggle

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The internal struggle of Red Bull between Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez has been growing with the passing of the days. We tell you the reality of this rivalry.

Max Verstappen and Checo Perez

Photos: IG-maxverstappen1, IG-schecoperez

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The F1 season began in style, in which the Red Bull team seems to have no opponent to win a new drivers' championship and the title of builders. Despite not having a clear rival, the fight for leadership in this team has been increasing, an aspect that makes what is to come in this new campaign even more interesting.

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In these first races, the Austrian team made it clear that it is several steps above the other teams, an aspect that has been evidenced in how the first days of this championship have gone. However, the internal struggle in this team is one of the most fascinating competitions that can take place this season.

Dutchman on the charge

Max Verstappen is the most important card for this team, the Dutch driver is the current world champion and with the passing of the races his experience and talent have been enhanced in the best way. That is why, everything indicates that this is the leader of the Austrian team. However, this season could change this favoritism in this team.

The Mexican driver Sergio 'Checo' Pérez commented for many weeks that he is willing to give everything to fight for the world championship, an aspect that has not fallen in the best way on his teammate, since both are supposed to have the same goal. From this moment, the internal struggle between the two riders has been increasing, a rivalry that clearly affects the team.

With this internal dispute, the team managers made it clear that the main thing this season is to win the world title and the constructors' championship, so in these first days they will allow an unrestricted fight between the two drivers. However, with the passing of the races and the way things are happening, they will make the determination to stop this dispute for the first place in the team.

Small details

Faced with this determination, Verstappen and Pérez have given us an unprecedented dispute, in which small details are essential to decree the outcome of this story. The fight for the lead in the races, the mistakes made by the chief mechanics of the two cars and even the points for the fastest lap in each circuit are some of the aspects that have enriched this competition.

These small details have highlighted the dispute between the two drivers. This aspect has been seen since the first race of the season, since Verstappen has been concerned from the outset to score as many points as possible. One of the clear examples of this was the annoyance of the Dutch driver when his team told him that the point of the fastest lap at the Saudi Arabian circuit did not matter, since they already had victory assured.

Regardless of this aspect, the European rider hastened the march and tried to keep this point of the fastest lap, with the intention of reducing the number of units he lost in this race with his teammate. From this moment on, it was made clear that the two drivers are looking to keep the lead in this team at any cost.

Internal struggle burns

Currently, the leader of the championship is Verstappen, the European driver managed to make a significant difference in these first three days of the championship. With this advantage, the Dutchman relegated his teammate, who is 15 points behind. However, everything indicates that the Mexican will not give up and will continue to fight until the end of the championship.

The next Grand Prix will be held in Azerbaijan, a race that will be essential for this difference between the drivers to be lengthened or shortened, since the season began both riders have had the misfortune of having mechanical problems, which have put more spice to this direct dispute.

For the moment, it remains to be seen how things turn out in the next races, which will mark the end of this internal dispute in the Austrian team, which has made this interesting season of Formula One more spicy.