Infographic: The Fastest Biggest Victories in Soccer

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This past weekend we saw one of the fastest biggest victory in the world of soccer, which broke several records. In LatinAmerican Post we tell you that other big wins in the history books.

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Photo: Latin American Post

LatinAmerican Post | Daniel González Guerrero

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In the last day of the Premier League, Newcastle thrashed Tottenham Hotspur by six goals to one, this being one of the big surprises of the day. In addition to the fact that nobody expected this bulky score, the 'magpies' box broke a record by scoring five goals in less than 22 minutes, an aspect that puts them in the history books as one of the fastest goals in soccer.

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As a consequence of this historic milestone, from LatinAmerican Post we have recapitulated some of the fastest wins in recent years, which went around the world, not only because of their important score, but also because of the speed with which these teams were able to define their encounters.

Fastest Biggest Victories in Soccer

With this historic milestone marked last weekend, it should be noted that the Tottenham board of directors made the determination to return the money to all their fans who attended this match. This is why the shame suffered a few days ago increased with this determination, which may mark a change in the London institution.

Another aspect to mention from these statistics is that the commitments between Germany vs. Brazil and United States vs. Japan were two of the most surprising results in men's and women's soccer, as both came at world championships. In addition to this, it must be remembered that nobody expected that this kind of win would come to pass in these phases of the competition.