New Books from Independent Publishers at FILBo 2023

The independent edition takes FILBo 2023 with these titles that you cannot miss.

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The FILBo is one of the most important cultural events not only in Bogotá, but also in Colombia. Every year it brings together authors, illustrators, publishers, distributors and other agents from the book industry to share news and discuss literature and everything that surrounds it. Although there are many large publishers that participate in the event, there are also independent publishers with excellent and varied catalogs that are worth discovering and enjoying. You can find them in Hall 17, which is the Independent Publishers.

Here we tell you about 5 news that you will find in the independent edition of Colombia that you cannot miss.

“Pan Piedra” by Laura Garzón – Luna Libros y Cardumen

Last year, the María Mercedes Carranza National Poetry Prize was born by Idartes (District Institute of Arts) and the Luna Libros and Cardumen publishing houses. This award seeks to commemorate excellence in poetic writing and make known the new voices of this genre in the country.

In her book, Laura Garzón explores everyday life in family history and, from the exercise of dialoguing with the Bible, she arrives at something bigger and more universal. For the award juries, Garzón's collection of poems is "a risky proposal that stands out among the panorama of Colombian poetry."

“Erial” by Diana Obando – Laguna Libros

Diana Obando was the winner of the third edition of the Elisa Mujica National Narrative Award with her book of short stories "Erial". The award is given by Idartes and the Laguna Libros publishing house and has a particularity: only female authors can compete.

In her book, Obando collects stories that she has heard from third parties throughout his life and is in charge of taking them from oral to written. Her way of narrating travels between different genres and makes the stories credible despite their peculiarities.

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“Niñapájaroglaciar” by Mariana Matija – Rey Naranjo 

This literary essay published by Rey Naranjo, one of the biggest independent publishers in the country, is a reflection by Mariana Matija on the relationship and approach that human beings have with the world in which we live.

Matija is a fine art artist by profession and has dedicated herself to activism against climate change. Through her writing, she seeks to bring her readers closer to understanding the connection we have with the planet earth to generate more awareness about its care.

“Las cosas que ya no están” by Tatee – Cohete Cómics

Tatiana Torres Álvarez, better known as Tatee, is the author of this graphic novel that recalls a past love from the observation of the city that she travels every day: Bogotá.

"Las cosas que ya no están" (The things that are no longer there) is the continuation of a project that the artist began in 2017, with which she won a Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême, France, which is recognized as the international capital of comics. This is the result of her work and learning.

“Caballo fantasma” by Karina Sosa – Animal Extinto

The Animal Extinto publishing house celebrates Mexico as the guest country of FILBo with the launch of the novel "Caballo fantasma", by the Oaxacan author Karina Sosa. The work tells the story of Ka, a young woman who, after losing her mother, follows her memory to explore the almost non-existent relationship that characterized them and the impact it had on her.

The novel was the winner of the 2021 Primera Novela Award in Mexico and was republished by Animal Extinto for publication this year.

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