The 6 Best Hot Springs in Latin America

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Thermal waters are waters that sprout, for the most part, from the subsoil and are characterized by having minerals that give them medicinal properties. We tell you about its benefits and the best places to enjoy them.

Geometric Hot Springs in Chile, Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs in Colombia

Photos: Wikimedia-Falk2, Wikimedia-Juan Sebastian Aparicio

LatinAmerican Post | Daniel Alejandro Vergara

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Historically, hot springs have been associated with leisure, relaxation, and health. Less than a century ago, they used to be used by high-income people and elites as meeting and agape centers, something that directly linked these places with social status. However, hot springs, hot springs, and spas have become more prevalent in society.

The vast majority of these places are tourist attractions where travelers of all kinds come to get out of the monotony or have a treatment. According to research published in the Index de Enfermería magazine by Doctor Manuel López Morales, "Thermal treatment can fulfill four therapeutic objectives: recovery from illnesses, prevention of illnesses, maintenance or fitness, and physical well-being. and psychic". This makes this type of water a favorite place for tourists of all ages while they benefit from its healing properties.

These benefits for physical and emotional health depend on the high temperature to which most waters are exposed and on the elements that compose them. You can find iron, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and sulfur in various hot springs. These elements help stimulate blood flow, exfoliate the skin, and help relieve respiratory system congestion. They also allow the reactivation of the nervous and myofascial systems.

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But what are the best hot springs in Latin America? In Latinamerican Post, we show you some of them.

  1. Geometric Hot Springs (Chile)

They are located in the Villarrica National Park. The waters come from the vicinity of the Villarrica volcano. It has 60 sources that feed the thermal baths, with average temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees.

  1. Arenal Hot Springs (Costa Rica)

The waters come from the Arenal Volcano. Around it, there is a hotel complex that ends up providing the necessary services for a 5-star tourist experience. They are famous for the landscape surrounding them, one of the most beautiful in Central America.

  1. Polques Hot Springs (Bolivia)

They are located in the southwest of the country, near the Polques volcano, they are saltwater pools, and their average temperature is 30°C. Besides, they have an incredible view of the landscape typical of the places of Bolivia.

  1. Rio Quente Thermal Complexes (Brazil)

They are located in the municipality of Río Quente, which became a famous tourist place and led to the creation of an extensive network of thermal complexes offering relaxation, spa, and extreme sports services. They are in the middle of the jungle.

  1. Hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal (Colombia)

This became one of the most desired points for tourism. Its waters reach a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, and they also offer services such as mud baths to treat the skin. They are located in the Los Nevados National Natural Park so tourists can enjoy hiking and hot and cold waterfalls.

  1. Cocalmayo Hot Springs (Peru)

Near Cusco are these hot springs, whose average temperature is between 40 and 450 °C. The thermal pools are fed by water from the Urubamba. Another attraction is that you can count on frozen waters from the Uripata lagoon, which is interesting for those tourists who come for therapeutic purposes.

As we have pointed out, Latin America is a region that has multiple hot springs of extraordinary beauty and numerous therapeutic properties. Now you know some of the most spectacular hot springs in the area to plan a visit on your next vacation.