Kim Cattrall in "And Just Like That" and the Most Memorable Comebacks in Series and Movies

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"And Just Like That" returns for its second season and incidentally will do so as a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the first episode of "Sex And The City.".

Still from the series 'And just like that...'

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Few sequels can surpass or match the quality or impact of the original series, and "And Just Like That" is doing just that. This series, which succeeds "Sex and The City," is now in its second season, demonstrating the critical and popular success of the first season. HBO Max is hosting new episodes of this production, rumored to have a couple of surprises.

"And Just Like That" returns today, June 22, on the streaming platform with Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis). The three New York friends now return to their adventures, but from the perspective of the 50s, different from the slightly more immature scenario of the 30s, when they were part of "Sex And The City."

However, Samantha Jones, a character not part of this HBO Max sequel, is still missing. In this regard, it is noted that Kim Cattrall, the actress who plays the character, will make a small appearance during the new season. What is it about?

Samantha's Return

It was recently confirmed that Samantha as a character will reappear in a cameo in one of the episodes of the new season of "And Just Like That." The appearance of the actress in the series would be precisely 25 years after the first episode of "Sex And The City" was released.

Precisely, Sarah Jessica Parker pointed out that the idea of the character's reappearance was given to celebrate the series' anniversary. However, Cattrall herself stated that she would leave behind everything related to the series of the late 90's after making this cameo. This closes the hope that she will play a role similar to that of her companions in the series.

Despite not being played by an actress, Samantha's character is still latent in "And Just Like That." This was given by showing in text messages with broad relevance, and now the cameo is added. Regarding the cameo details, Parker said it is a very sentimental call.

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Memorable Returns

Few movies like "Spider-Man: No Way Home" had so much secrecy regarding the union of three actors playing the same superhero in the same film. While Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield were already quite a lot, Tobey Maguire's appearance was the most anticipated as the first Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On the other hand, we have Bryan Cranston's cameo in "Better Call Saul." The actor who became popular with his leading role in "Breaking Bad" participated in the sixth season of the spin-off of the acclaimed series playing his character Walter White. In that season, Aaron Paul also appeared as Jesse Pinkman.

Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins possibly had one of the returns that caused the most expected in the final stretch of "How to Get Away with Murderer." The actor who played one of the main characters for three seasons returned in the last episode. He did it to play the son of the character he initially played.

Of the varied returns that "The Grey's Anatomy" had, that of Dr. Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, was the most emotional. His character was supposed to die six years before his return, but the series turned around and allowed him to return in season 17 for an alternate conclusion.

Finally, there is the return of Letty's character in "Fast & Furious." While absurdity is common in the saga, one of the most surprising returns was that of Letty's character, played by Michelle Rodriguez. In the fourth installment, she was killed. In the fifth, it was suggested that she was alive, and in the sixth, she finally reappeared.