One Year After Marciano's Death, Enanitos Verdes Announce Album, Tour and Documentary

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Still mourning Marciano, one of its members, the iconic Argentine band Enanitos Verdes announces new projects. Here we tell you .

Enanitos Verdes

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The iconic Argentine rock group Enanitos Verdes announced in an interview with EFE this Tuesday a new album, a tour and a documentary, one year after the death of its vocalist, Horacio “Marciano” Cantero.

It's a new era, we could say. We are in this rearming after Marciano's departure. And the truth is that we continue playing and doing what we have been doing for more than 40 years. We are a blood-driven band. What we like most is playing live, and we continue on that path,” said Felipe Staiti, during a visit to Miami (USA).

“Marciano's absence is something that still hurts. But as long as the music is playing, he is still alive among us," noted Staiti, the band's guitarist.

Marciano Cantero, an unmistakable voice of Latin American rock, died on September 8, 2022 due to a kidney condition in Mendoza, Argentina.

This year, the band has undergone a restructuring and has carried out successful tours in various places in Latin America.

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Enanitos Verdes' new projects

“We are soon going to Mexico, and we will end the year in the United States. Furthermore, next year we will release a documentary about the band, a new album and, of course, we will continue touring," he added.

Although Staiti declined to give details about the new production, he did not rule out that the group has guest singers, as happened during the “Bésame Mucho” festival, in which Rubén Albarrán of Café Tacvba, David Summers of Hombres G and Noel Schajris of Sin Bandera took over. the role of vocal leader.

When talking about the documentary, Staiti pointed out that it is a project that they started in 2022 to celebrate the 40 years of Enanitos Verdes. “We went through the trunks and took out all the souvenirs,” he recalled. They are already putting the finishing touches on it.

Enanitos Verdes, a group known for hits such as “La muralla verde” and “Lamento boliviano”, began its career in 1979, during the Argentine military dictatorship.

Formed by Marciano, Staiti and Daniel Piccolo on drums, the group catapulted to stardom with their first hit “I Still Cant” in the mid-1980s.

One of the references of rock in Spanish with Cantero not only as bassist and singer but also as the emblematic face of the band. Today, Enanitos Verdes has more than eight million subscribers on Spotify.

Regarding the future of the genre, Staiti regretted not seeing “anything” of rock in current Latin music.

“Rock is an attitude towards life. It's the electricity, the distortion, the sound of a drum. That's rock," the artist reflected on the essence of the music he has cultivated for decades.