A Month of Purpose - BDSwiss' Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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BDSwiss showcased a wealth of social action and contributions throughout October, emphasizing corpo. rate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Patricia Squire

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In October, BDSwiss demonstrated its strong responsibility to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through impactful endeavors. Collaborating with Europa Uomo Cyprus, sponsoring a Mount Olympus hike for children with heart disease, and supporting underprivileged children fighting cancer through Mexico Sonríe, BDSwiss made a tangible difference in communities worldwide. These efforts reflect the company's commitment to promoting values and fostering awareness within communities, aiming for a brighter future ahead. 

BDSwiss and Europa Uomo Cyprus United for Prostate Cancer Awareness 

In a duty to corporate social responsibility, BDSwiss joined forces with Europa Uomo Cyprus to support the 3rd BDSwiss Blue Route for Everyone event. This impactful cycling event, organized in collaboration with the KMeaters Cycling Association, unfolded on Sunday, October 8th, along the scenic coastal road of Molos in Limassol, Cyprus. More than 1000 cyclists from Cyprus and around the world gathered, pedaling together to raise public awareness about prostate cancer. 

Riding alongside prominent organizations such as Nextbike by Tier Cyprus, participants covered an 8km route, symbolizing unity and resilience in the face of this critical health issue. The event was graced by the presence of the Deputy Minister of Shipping, Mrs. Marina Hatzimanolis, along with representatives from the Limassol Municipality. 

Gregory Papagregoriou, co-CEO of BDSwiss, expressed deep gratitude, stating, “It’s days and events like these that make us get out of bed and re-energize us. To run a successful business is one thing, but to give back to society and leave your imprint in the community is something words can’t describe. Thank you to everyone involved, and we promise there’s more to come.” 

“It’s an honour and a privilege to be part of such events. The aura, the energy, and the vibe we created with this event are unmatched. This is living proof that when people put their minds and effort into something, they’re capable of a lot more than they initially thought. A big thank you to everyone who made this happen,” said Achilleas Achilleos, CMO, of BDSwiss.  

Elena Yiangou, Senior Event Manager at BDSwiss, highlighted the event's significance, extending the focus beyond the corporate social responsibility calendar. “This event goes beyond our CSR calendar and activities. It’s an event we hold dear to our hearts. Prevention saves lives, and hopefully, we have inspired people to have those necessary exams and checks.” 

An Olympus Hike for Children with Heart Disease  

BDSwiss, a leading financial institution known for its award-winning conditions and services, proudly took on the role of Bronze Sponsor for the Olympus Hike event held from October 20 to 22. Moreover, the company was represented by a team of three members – Yianni, Phidia, and Kyriaco – in the challenging 50+ km hiking expedition from Limassol to Mount Olympus, demonstrating their support for children battling heart disease. 

“We are deeply honored to have actively participated in this charitable venture. This three-day hike was not just an experience but a profound life lesson. It taught us the immense impact of contributing with love to such a noble cause. Beyond our financial efforts, we recognize our obligation to shape a better future for children with heart disease”, said Achilleas Achilleos, CMO, BDSwiss.  

“Engaging in such missions not only enhances our own humanity but also aligns with our core values. We are dedicated to integrating and furthering such initiatives within our company, standing firm for ideals that instill hope in those who need it most," he added. 

BDSwiss Partners with Mexico Sonríe 

Earlier in the same month, BDSwiss united with Mexico Sonríe to improve the hospital experience for underprivileged children battling cancer. This collaborative effort reflects BDSwiss' dedication to making a tangible, positive impact on the lives of these young fighters. 

Through a donation, BDSwiss provided their support to family members and caregivers of hospitalized children, easing their financial burden amidst challenging times. Additionally, a range of toys, including board games, Legos, books, UNO cards, and scooters, were contributed to enrich the play area at one of Mexico Sonríe’s centers.  

Following the donation, engagements were initiated with Mrs. Gabriela De la Torre, the President of Mexico Sonríe, renowned oncologists, and BDSwiss representatives. During these interactions, the BDSwiss team had the invaluable opportunity to engage in heartfelt conversations with both children and their families. Also, they devoted quality time to playing cards and accompanying the children during their breakfast, fostering a more profound understanding and connection with the cause. 

“The hope and brief moments of respite we provide to these young warriors fighting cancer reflect our commitment as individuals and a company. Through this support, at BDSwiss we aim to stand as worthy allies in their courageous battle,” said Achilleas Achilleos, CMO, of BDSwiss.  

About BDSwiss 

BDSwiss is a prominent financial services group, offering tailored solutions in CFD trading and investment products to a vast clientele of over 1.5 million registered users spanning 180 diverse countries. The company prides itself on adhering to strict regulatory standards, conducting its global operations under multiple licenses, and ensuring a trustworthy and secure experience for its clients worldwide. Far beyond its operational scope, BDSwiss is dedicated to social contribution, nurturing a compassionate and well-informed public, and supporting those in genuine need.  

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