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Elon Musk On The Mexican Border With The US: In Favor Of Only Some Migrants

Musk said he was "extremely pro-immigrant" during his visit to the US southern border. However, he expressed his disagreement with receiving migrants who "break the law." The magnate said this after his visit to the Mexican border .

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The tycoon Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and owner of Tesla and the social network X (former Twitter) said today during his visit to the United States' south border that he was "extremly pro-immigrant" and that those who are "hardworking and honest" should be allowed to enter the country.

Musk, who lives in the United States but was born in South Africa, said these words during a live video on X, collected by The Hill, alongside Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales, with whom he went to the border town of Eagle Pass (Texas).

"Pro-immigrant", but only some immigrants

Even so, the businessman was against allowing entry to people who "break the law." He also criticized the situation in New York, where the arrival in recent months of record numbers of people has put local authorities on the ropes.

"If New York can't take it on, no part of the country can," Musk said.

The businessman arrived at the border under the premise of offering an "unfiltered" vision of reality in the area, although at no time did he try to speak with the dozens of migrants who were waiting to be processed by the authorities.

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The one who did take advantage of the magnate's microphone was the Republican representative, Gonzales, who blamed the White House for not taking stronger measures to reduce the number of illegal border crossings.

Last Friday, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported nearly 233,000 arrests of irregular migrants along the border with Mexico during the month of August, an increase of 27% compared to July and the highest number of monthly meetings so far this year.

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