5 initiatives where you will get benefits for recycling

Fires, hurricanes, endangered species, the melting of the poles, etc., there are so many consequences that the environment suffers from pollution and global warming that it is not a secret that we have to help conserve it.

Waste products made with plastic.

Waste products made with plastic. / Reference image / Pixabay

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From an action as simple as recycling we can start contributing, and what better way than to get a reward for it? Well, an initiative in Mexico intends that, by recycling cans, streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify can be paid.

1. Mexico

The Herdez company indicated, through its social networks, that in different cities of Mexico there are already machines installed, which receive cans and for each recycled bottle, Mexicans will obtain a virtual Mexican peso, which can be used not only in streaming platforms but in communications services such as Skype, Telcel, Virgin, among others. The dynamics will go until October 31.


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2. Latin America

However, not only Mexico has the privilege of receiving benefits in exchange for recycling, as Corona also launched a campaign that benefited Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and other worldwide countries such as Spain and Italy.

Under the label #Paywithplastic, and using a machine, Corona promised to help raise awareness of the use of plastic bottles. In this way, carrying at least three empty plastic bottles, the user could receive a beer bottle.


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3. Colombia

Recycling for transportation assistance is a method that several countries have already implemented. Such is the case of Colombia, specifically in Bogotá and Medellín where, in some transport service stations, specialized machines have been implemented to obtain a ticket that allows the user to enter and make use of public transport such as Transmilenio, in Bogotá; or the Metro in Medellín.

In this way, in Bogotá, users who want to recharge the card that allows them to enter the system can take everything from plastic bottles, aluminum cans, to Tetra-Pack packages.

In Medellín, the initiative dates from 2017 and is similar to that of Bogotá. In both cases, for each recycled item that is deposited by the machine, they will pay $ 50 pesos to recharge the card. According to El Colombiano, “between August 2017 and December 31, 2018, the 14,250 users of the Green Recharge points collected 2,420,196 containers”.


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4. Dominican Republic

Following the line of obtaining economic aid for transport through recycling, in the National Week of Sustainable Mobility 2019 of the Dominican Republic, the company Caribe Tours proposed a series of activities, which according to Listin Diario, include “the movi-claje, which is to change plastic bottles for passages on some routes ”.

The benefits will go until Sunday, September 29, and until that day "the tickets can be exchanged for 5 plastic bottles," ends the same medium.


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5. Panama

The company "Reciclar Paga" is aware of the environmental impact and through its machines, which are similar to soda dispensers, aims to reward those who want to recycle.

Their machines are present in different strategic points as shopping centers in different parts of the country and in this way users can carry plastic bottles and aluminum cans containing registered bar codes. Those who have already registered on the website may obtain points that may be used in different activities such as movie tickets, restaurants, clothing, among others.


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