5 things you can give to the Earth

Christmas is a time to give and what better than to give sustainability and care to our planet earth.

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Christmas is a time to share with family and friends and enjoy events such as gift giving. In your list, do not forget to include the planet and give them these 5 simple things that will have a positive impact on the environment.

1. Donate

In the world, there are many organizations dedicated to the care and protection of the environment. You can donate time or money and thus contribute to the greater impact of these organizations. Research well and in official pages so that you choose the one that best suits you.


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2. Recycle and reuse

Yes, we know that you have heard this advice several times. However, not everyone is doing it. So in your home and office separate the waste, identify what material can be recycled, what can you give it a second use and what definitely goes to waste. Make sure the materials you recycle reach the collection centers. For this, you can personally deliver to a recycler the items that serve this purpose.


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3. Say no to single-use plastic

We are in the midst of a crisis of waste in water and land due to the overproduction of plastic. While it is true that the market is flooded with this material and that looking for other options can become expensive, you can start by not using objects such as plastic cutlery, cigarettes, bottles, etc. For example, if you take your lunch to the office, instead of using plastic cutlery, buy some metal ones that you can wash and store once you have finished using them.

If you carry water in your bag or suitcase, make sure it is in a thermos that you can recharge and avoid buying plastic bottles. When you go to the store, take your own cloth bag to avoid using plastic bags. In addition to helping the planet, you will also be easing the economic burden of your pocket.

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4. Use means of transport that do not contaminate

One of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases is transport, from buses to private cars. These gases accelerate climate change and with it the loss of habitats and mass extinction of flora and fauna, as well as air pollution. If you have the possibility to change the bus for a bicycle or skates, do not hesitate. Your mobilization will not produce harmful contaminants and you will also be improving your health and mental well-being.


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5. Vote conscientiously

As citizens, we have the right to vote, but more importantly, we have a duty to do so conscientiously. When choosing rulers and political representatives, read their proposals and analyze how much they care about the environment. Social and economic development must be sustainable, so if a candidate does not have a clear environmental policy, it may be better to look for another option. Remember that those who come to power do so because we as citizens choose them.


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Bonus: on these dates, say no to the gift wrap. It is true that it is beautiful and makes opening a gift special and fun. The bad thing is that it is an object that does not last, but that does require the use of natural resources that could be conserved or destined for the production of more durable elements. Opt for friendlier options such as drawstring bags made from recycled materials, recycled wrappings or give the newspaper a chance.


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