7 Environmental Activists you Should Follow

More and More People are Using their Voices to Raise Awareness and Mobilize Social Action for the Defense of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change. Meet 7 Activists that you Should Follow on Social Networks for their Valuable Information.

Nemonte Nenquimo, Sofi Garces and Flavia Broffoni

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Environmental activism refers to the mobilization of people and organizations that seek the protection of the environment. In other words, they claim that there is an agenda for the protection and conservation of the environment. In this way, they seek to influence the policies, laws and agreements that guarantee such protection. However, environmental activists can have different approaches, although they often relate to each other. There are climate activists, for environmental justice, ecologists, animal activists, with an ecofeminist approach, among others.

Environmental justice activists seek recognition of the right of all people to live in a safe, clean and healthy environment. Likewise, they usually advocate a different relationship with nature, defend the territories and ask for the recognition of the communities that inhabit them. In fact, many of the proposals, especially in the global south, seek to overcome the capitalist dynamics of exploitation of the land to go towards an approach of respect for nature and sustainable management of resources.

Here are some environmental activists, from different regions, who have some interesting social media activity worth following.

Nemonte Nenquimo

She is an indigenous and Waorani leader from Ecuador. She was the winner of the Goldman Prize for the environment in 2020 and chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people. He has admirable strength and leadership, which have allowed him to influence Ecuadorian legislation. "Don't expect only indigenous peoples to continue doing it. We need them to fight with us to protect the Amazon. If we all join together, we can change the future of our generations," she said in an interview for the BBC.

Sofía Garcés

She is a Biology and Government student from Colombia. In addition to her activism, she is a content creator on sustainability issues. In this way, through its social networks (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Blog) it shares information on how to have sustainable habits. In her blog called "Being and doing eco", she shares useful information on how to have habits that reduce the carbon footprint, generate less waste and avoid negatively affecting ecosystems. It has directories with eco-ventures and does scientific dissemination. "To act without communicating is to act halfway", is one of the mottos that guide it.

Evelyn Acham

She is a Ugandan-born climate justice activist. There, she is the national coordinator for the Rise Up Movement and an activist for Fridays for Future. She has led different protests against multinationals, campaigns to plant trees and denounces the violation of the rights of communities by the extractive economy.

Francisco Vera Chamomile

He is a 13-year-old environmental activist born in Colombia. He is a Child Advisor to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child related to the environment. He has participated in different national and international events to talk about the climate crisis and the need for quality environmental education.

Lauren Singer

She is an environmental activist from the United States, noted for promoting the #ZeroWaste movement since 2012. In addition, she founded a company called to market products that offer sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday objects. In her social networks and her blog "Trash is for Tossers", she offers tips to lead a life free of polluting waste.

Jamie Sarai Margolin

She is a Colombian-American writer, animator and filmmaker who has stood out for her activism against climate change. Her most recent work, called Fight, is an animated production focused on climate justice. In addition, she is the author of the book "Youth To Power" and founder of the Zero Hour movement for climate justice. "In the face of climate change, hope only comes in the form of action," she says in a letter.

Flavia Broffini

She is an Argentine political scientist and environmental activist, creator of Extinction Rebellion (XR) in her country. She calls for peaceful civil disobedience to fight the climate crisis. In this way, she calls on scientists and ordinary people to unite to demand a change in policies from the powerful.

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