Colombia bans small plastic bags’ distribution

It has been 7 days since the Colombian government banned the distribution of plastic bags smaller to 30x30cm in an attempt to promote a greener lifestyle. This decision was approved in April 28th 2016 through the 0668 resolution which “rules the rational use of plastic bags and adopts other resolutions.”

This new policy makes part of the Soy ECOlombiano project, a collaboration between the Colombian government and WWF Colombia.

To follow up the unfolding of the measure the Ministry of Environment demands distributors to present an annual plan on the sustainable use of plastic bags and asks them to publish their advances in the VITAL platform which was created especially for this project.

Minister Urrutia Murillo explained that the campaign aims to change the Colombians consumption habits and make them more aware and responsible of plastic use. “First of all the legislation applies to retailer stores, drugstores and shopping malls, who need to promote other options for their customers to pack their products,” he said in a statement.

So far the country has seven different post consumption programs which are powered by resolutions like the 0668.

“The most important part of this legislation is that it tries to change the production and consumption habits of the population. If we achieve it we’d be making a huge contribution to the Earth’s environment as a plastic bag takes at least 50 years to degrade,” the minister concluded.

More so, the country will began charging a tax to both producers and importers of plastic bags as an additional measure to promote a more rational use.


LatinAmerican Post | Maria Andrea Marquez

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