Colombia’s biggest solar farm

Celsia Solar project will be Colombia’s biggest solar farm and will provide electricity to 8,000 households. The project will have 35,000 solar panels located in an area of 18 hectares and is expected to avoid the emission of 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide. It will have an annual capacity of 16GWh.

Its construction will begin March 2017 and it is expected to be finished by September 2017.

The announcement was made last week by Celsia, a company from the Argos Group that has presence in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.

“Installing this farm will be a dream come true for us. For more than four years we’ve been working, learning and experimenting with the generation of solar energy in small scale projects. This learning allows us to take the next step and begin delivering our clients a renewable source of energy,” said Ricardo Sierra, Celsia’s President said in a statement.

The solar farm will be located in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca in Eastern Colombia. In that same place no more than 20 years ago the Termoyumbo plant was functioning.

“What will happen in this area is very symbolic, the transition to a different source of energy that will give the country the energetic matrix it needs for its development,” added Sierra.

Celsia Solar Yumbo is part of a larger investment plan by Celsia who wants to develop other solar farms in the Valle del Cauca, Bolivar, Santander, Cesar departments in Colombia and the province of Chiriqui in Panama.

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