Do You Know How Sundials Bet on the Environment?

We all know that traditional watches can easily run out of battery and that they can be inaccurate. A solar watch is just like any normal watch, except it contains a solar dial beneath the face, which can absorb energy from a source of light.

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Most of us have already begun thinking more about the environment and sustainability. So why not go for products that rely on “green technologies”? Let’s explain first how they work. Solar watches are powered by solar cells that absorb artificial or natural light. To provide power to the watch, the solar panel turns light into electrical energy. The watch also saves energy in a rechargeable cell to power itself when there is no light.

In terms of the benefits of solar watches, they provide precise time-keeping, and most important of all, they don't require battery replacement. Since the solar panel makes it unnecessary to replace its batteries, these watches prevent the potential release of harmful chemicals to the environment.

Lets now look at some nice options if you’re planning to purchase one eco-friendly and solar-powered watch:

1. One Eleven SWII Solar Watch

Watches from One Eleven are modern, fun, long-lasting, and affordable. They are made from sustainable materials and contain materials such as bioplastic, and a wrist band made from recycled water bottles. It is water-resistant and is available in many different colors. 

2. Tissot T- Touch Connect Solar Smart Watch

This watch is the smartest T-Touch product to date. It can also deliver Smartphone notifications and has some fitness features. The watch contains a lightweight titanium case and a color display integrated into its analog dial.


3. Casio Stainless G- Shock

This is an inexpensive watch, that contains touch solar power and is also shock resistant. Its battery can last up to 9 months on a full charge, without exposure to light. It is 200m water-resistant and can save up to 4 daily alarms and 1 snooze alarm.

4. Garmin Instinct Solar

This option has a large battery life by solar power. It is also water-resistant to 328 ft and built to the Unites States Military Standard 810, for thermal, shock, and water resistance. You can also track your activities for running, cycling, swimming, strength, and much more.

5. Casio ProTrek PRW- 3000- 1CR Watch

This is a great watch for those people that require environmental information in direction and weather status such as humidity and temperature. It also comes with a barometer, a compass, and an altimeter.  It also has a timer and a calendar and it can be used at low temperatures until -10 degrees Celsius.

When looking at the pros and cons of purchasing a solar watch, it is important to bear in mind that they require lo maintenance, have a long power reserve ad they are eco-friendly. Solar watches reduce the need to change their batteries every few years they also prevent the use of disposable batteries that contribute to landfills and environmental pollution. However, they can be slightly more expensive than regular watches, but the extra cost is justified since you don’t have to replace their batteries very often. What are you waiting for to get your new solar-powered watch?

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