Do you know what protected areas are?

We tell you what they are and their main functions

Do you know what protected areas are?

Countries around the world have protected natural areas in which human beings cannot intervene. This is because every day, thousands of hectares of forests and wild lands are devastated for the benefit of a few. Fortunately, it is possible to do something about it and many wilderness areas are dedicated purely and exclusively to the conservation of native animal and plant species.

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What are protected natural areas?

A protected natural area has four characteristics and has a certain geographical limit.

These characteristics are:

1. They are created for the preservation of large ecosystems that guarantee the existence of the necessary processes for the continuation of the natural life of the place.

2. They preserve biodiversity, that is, they do not focus only on a specific species but on the whole environment in general.

3. They protect characteristic species of the zone. This means that they prevent the introduction of alien species that do not belong to the local ecosystem.

4. The natural protected areas have a scenic value is very high.

What are its functions?

1. The main one is the conservation of both animal species as well as flora and natural resources.

2. The second function is to have ecologically sustainable development.

3. Support research, monitoring, education, and information on conservation and local development.

Protected areas provide a great service to the environment in several ways, as they not only preserve the native species but also can be studied to prevent their extinction in other parts of the planet.

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What is sustainable use?

Considering that natural areas meet the four characteristics mentioned above, the resources found there must be sustainable. This means that these resources regenerate naturally avoiding their disappearance.

Both water and air, plants and animals fulfill their cycle and are generated again and again.

This happens thanks to the conservation of the resources that the governments of each country regulate with, for example, the creation of natural areas such as national parks.

What challenges do natural protected areas face?

The main challenge  scientists and environmental protectionists face is climate change. This occurs due to the heating of the poles because of the rupture of the ozone layer and pollution, among other factors. This problem must be addressed from the ecological, political and economic aspects.

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