Do you want to take care of the environment? These 4 applications can help you

Taking care of the environment can be a difficult task, but these applications on your cell phone can make this task easier

Do you want to take care of the environment? These 4 applications can help you

Ecosia: An environmental problem that we face worldwide is deforestation. In Colombia, for example, according to the University of Cambridge, 219,973 hectares were deforested, which corresponds to 35 football fields cut per hour. To try to solve this problem, the Ecosia application allocates approximately 80% of its resources to plant trees. According to the description in Play Store, "Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with their advertising revenues. At least 80% of our profits go to fund tree-planting programs around the world. Ecosia Browser uses Ecosia as a search engine, which allows you to plant trees for free, just by searching the Internet."

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Environment: another problem that affects the environment is the poor management of waste. To combat this problem, one solution is to mark the waste so that those who handle it know how to transport them and what to do with them. Through this application, you can download labels with symbols and signs to identify waste. According to the description of the app, the user "will be able to download labels, brands, signs and signals related to substances and residues potentially dangerous for the environment, the aquatic environment, management and transport. The size of each of them will be of your choice and may in some cases indicate the information you wish to include as emergency telephones, dates, explanatory texts of associated risks and colors for the images. "

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Defender of nature: The description of the application begins with this question "Have you ever wanted to change this wonderful world for the better?" Many times, we do not take care of the environment because we do not know what we should do. Lack of education and awareness may cause us not to know that nature and resources must be protected. Therefore, environmental education should be fun and start at an early age.

Defender of nature is an application that can help us if we want to motivate children to be more conscious about the care of nature and the environment . The application is a game in which children collect waste in the city -both on land and in water-, prune trees, classify recyclable materials, and take care for animals affected by pollution. In this way, children will be able to replicate these actions in real life.

SweatCoin: Greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions are other problems that we face in terms of protecting the environment. Vehicles such as private cars and public transport are responsible for the emission of this type of gases. For this reason, the use of alternative transport such as bicycles or skates, which do not emit gases and help the human being to stay in shape, has been promoted worldwide. While these alternatives are friendly to the environment and benefit our physical and mental health, they are not the only ones. There are other alternatives to transport like walking. With this application, available for the moment in the United States and England, you will receive crypts for your walks. According to the Sweatcoin page, for every 1000 steps registered in outdoor spaces you will receive 0.95 sweatcoins. The application uses the GPS of your phone to verify that the steps and walks have been made outside your home. For the Daily Mail "this app pays you to get fit: Sweatcoins rewards people for the number of steps they take".

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