Everything you need to know about World Environment Day

In Latin America, the event will be hosted by Peru

Everything you need to know about World Environment Day

Since June 5, 1973 is celebrated the World Environment Day established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in resolution 15 of December 1972. The celebration aims to raise awareness among the world population about issues related to the environment causing even the political action.

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In the World Environment Day event, various activities are carried out, such as marches in the streets, ecological concerts, rehearsals, poster competitions in schools and colleges, tree plantations, and recycling and cleaning campaigns. In addition, it provides the opportunity to expand public opinions about the behavior of individuals, companies and communities taking IGNORE INTO account the sense of responsibility they have acquired in terms of preservation and improvement of the environment.

In 2018, the central theme on this day will be "No Pollution By Plastic", which is intended to call the world population to generate actions that minimize and even eliminate the use of this material. Plastic, despite being very economical and easy to use, is a big problem for the environment because it does not degrade. The elements made with this material such as bags and bottles that are not recycled end up in the water and in lands where they can last around 1000 years without degrading. Currently, plastic is accumulating in the oceans generating large islands of the material, affected marine biodiversity by the accidental intake of these elements or by asphyxia.

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What are the host countries this year?

Every year the World Environment Day changes from host country, in this opportunity the global celebrations of this important event will be held in India and in Latin America and the Caribbean, the celebrations will have as main country Peru. The South American nation is one of the first countries that joined the "Clean Seas" campaign of the UN Environment, which seeks to reduce to the maximum the pollution caused by the use of plastic in the oceans.

In India, the inhabitants are committed to organizing and promoting various activities that generate great interest and public participation. According to Dr. Vardhan, "India is excited to organize World Environment Day this year. The philosophy and lifestyle of our country are historically rooted in the concept of coexistence with nature. We are committed to making the planet Earth a cleaner and greener place".

India is a country that serves as an example worldwide because it has one of the highest recycling rates in the world, and it is committed to being a leader in environmental issues. Therefore, it has a transcendental role in the fight against pollution.

To involve the world's population, the UN proposes that the care of the environment is the responsibility not only of governments and large corporations, but of all those who inhabit the planet earth giving the opportunity for everyone to take small actions to mitigate pollution and preserve the environment.

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Translated from “Todo lo que necesita saber sobre el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente”

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