Gallery: 10 Nature Restoration Initiatives Featured at COP15

At the UN Conference on Biodiversity, COP15, 10 Initiatives that Work for the Restoration of Nature Were Awarded. We Tell you About Them..


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During COP15, the United Nations awarded 10 recognition awards to the Global Restoration Flagship Initiatives. These are innovative projects that work for the restoration of ecosystems and the preservation of nature in different regions of the world. With this recognition, these initiatives are expected to receive greater support and funding, since they now have the backing of the UN.

"The 10 flagship initiatives have as a common objective to restore more than 68 million hectares of degraded areas, an area larger than the territory of Myanmar, France or Somalia, as well as to create 15 million jobs," said in a press release the UN Environment Program.

These are the 10 initiatives recognized by the United Nations. However, they are not the only ones in the world. In fact, more coordinated and ambitious actions are required to help stop the loss of biodiversity and help natural environments to be resilient to climate change.

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