Gallery: Animals Saved from Extinction in Latin America

These are some of the animal species that have been saved from extinction thanks to conservation efforts in Latin America.

Golden Lion Tamarin and Puerto Rican Parrot

Photo: Latin American Post

LatinAmerican Post | Vanesa López Romero

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According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are currently approximately 5,200 species of animals in danger of extinction. This figure represents 20% of the total number of animal species existing on the planet, and according to experts, this high figure represents the Sixth Great Extinction, which human beings would cause this time. In this sense, scientific and environmental conservation organizations have sought to halt the extinction of these species to compensate for human damage to our planet's biodiversity. Thanks to conservation actions such as the Convention on Biological Diversity in 1993, today, more than 30 animal species in the world have been saved. Let's take a look at some of them found in Latin America.

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These are just a few examples of the many animals that have been saved from extinction, which shows that biodiversity conservation does have good results and can help us build a world that is increasingly fairer to all the beings that live in it.

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