How much you know about climate change

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How much you know about climate change

Climate change is one of the environmental phenomena that most affects the planet today. The emission of greenhouse gases and the massive felling of trees, produce adverse phenomena on Earth that end up affecting the ecological balance of the entire planet.

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Although there are leaders who deny the existence of this phenomenon, like the US president, Donald Trump, climate change is real and has measurable and tangible impacts in our immediate reality.

For example, the glacial melting, the increase in the level of seas and oceans, the decrease in air quality, the accelerated extinction of flora and fauna species are just some of the consequences of global warming.

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With this quiz you can measure how much you know about this phenomenon and learn more about it. Click and play.


LatinAmerican Post | Marcela Peñaloza
Translated from "Qué tanto sabes sobre cambio climático"

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