How to be Prepared for a Hurricane?

The Current Hurricane Season, which Began on June 1 and is Expected to end on November 30, has left Many Victims and Costly Damage in the Atlantic. We Bring you some Recommendations to Prepare Yourseld for the Arrival of a Hurricane.

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Today, according to data from the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC), there are 13 active hurricanes, some stronger than others. The last dissipated cyclone was called Doce, it disappeared on October 7, 2022. For now, the strongest hurricane this year has been Fiona, although it made landfall in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as a category one hurricane, it began to evolve and became category 4.

Hurricane Fiona reached winds of up to 215 km/h, leaving nearly 31 dead in the countries it affected and causing the worst flooding in Puerto Rico since 2017. It caused a general blackout on the island and a third of the population He was without water service for several days.

The National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration anticipates that, before reaching November, there will be between 14 and 21 storms that can cause various damages and put lives at risk. In an interview with The New York Times, Keith Acree, a representative from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, stated, “People tend to focus on the category of the storm, but the categories of storms are based entirely on speed of the wind. What does most of the damage is not the wind, it's the water." Therefore, a complete preparation must be made in cities and houses, which will prevent both flood damage and strong wind damage.

Here are some tips that The Red Cross and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend for before, during, and after a hurricane.

Before a hurricane:

  1. Stay informed with weather centers about the exact arrival dates of hurricanes and storms.

  2. If your home is not safe, identify if there are shelters near your neighborhood, district or city. These can be very useful if the hurricanes are very strong.

  3. Have a plan for evacuation, if necessary, you should know very well where you should go, with whom and what things are essential to take (food, food, clothing).

  4. Prepare several Kits, the first aid kit is essential. Next, prepare food that can be kept without the need for a refrigerator for at least three days. Finally, prepare a kit with flashlights, some tools, whistles and things that you consider necessary in case you need help.

  5. Follow the recommendations of the health authorities on how to manage COVID-19 in case you are in the middle of a hurricane and need to evacuate or go to a shelter

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During the hurricane:

  1. When the storm arrives, it is essential that you move everything to the freezer, in case of a blackout, food can stay cold for about 2 days.

  2. Try that the electronic devices are not on the floor and the electrical outlets do not have many things connected, only the essentials.

  3. Try to stay connected, have cell phones with the necessary battery to make emergency calls.

  4. Do not go out if it is not strictly necessary.

  5. Fix the windows of your home with wood or whatever you think convenient, with such strong winds it is possible that the glass may open or break.

  6. Keep a visible list of emergency numbers.

  7. Always keep water, food for at least 3 days and medicine at home.

After the hurricane:

  1. Although it seems that everything is calm, be careful when leaving, these types of cyclones do not dissipate completely overnight.

  2. When you go outside, walk with caution. Remember that you do not know what damage the cyclone could have done in your city and there may be infrastructure and trees that could fall to the ground.

  3. Stay on top of people you couldn't get in touch with during the hurricane, it may be that someone needs help.

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