Infographic: Companies that Polluted the Most With Plastic in 2022

We Tell you About the Companies that Generated the Most Plastic Waste in 2022.

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Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental crises facing humanity today. However, there is still no global agreement on plastics that limits the amount companies can produce. For this reason, various environmental organizations have expressed their concern about the lack of strict regulations that require companies to be responsible with the use of plastics.

"Even if all sources of plastic pollution were stopped today, the amount of microplastics in the oceans would still double before 2050. Some scenarios project that the level will be 50 times higher than it is today by 2100," WWF says in its latest study on the impact of plastic pollution in the ocean. Plastics are a threat to life, as they have consequences on the health of people and ecosystems.

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Break Free From Plastic is one of the world's largest movements working to monitor plastic pollution and demand a global treaty. They have been monitoring companies for 5 years and presenting their findings in reports. We tell you about their results of the most polluting companies of 2022. One of the big conclusions is that: "After years of greenwashing and false solutions, corporations have shown that they cannot be trusted to achieve systemic change through of voluntary commitments.

Companies that Polluted the Most With Plastic in 2022

"We require a global treaty on plastics that can lead to policies that significantly reduce plastic production and hold corporations accountable for perpetuating this global crisis," said a #BreakFreeFromPlastic statement. This year began those first negotiations that seek to create an international treaty on plastics. The first sessions were held in Uruguay in November, and the ambition is for it to be a legally binding treaty.

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