Infographic: The Citizens of Which Countries Care The Most About the Environment?

This is the panorama of the interest of Latin American citizens and states in the protection of the environment.

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As time progresses, environmental protection becomes a topic with much more relevance. The scientific community and the civil sectors interested in this issue advocate for policies that guarantee speed and commitments on the part of states, businessmen, industries, and citizens. Although progress has been made in creating a sense of urgency in the international community, the processes of regulations and education for the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change are moving at a slower pace.

In this sense, the Latin American region has an important weight, not only because it has the Amazon and other key ecosystems, but also because it is one of the most vulnerable areas to the consequences of environmental crises. Below we show which are the Latin American countries that show more interest in the protection of the environment by their citizens and by the state with public policies. The data is collected from four studies and surveys carried out by Statista: “Is environmental protection an essential issue?”; “Are Latin Americans concerned about the environment?”; “Is Latin America ready for a sustainable future?”; and “How robust are countries' policies to combat climate change?”.

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The Citizens of Which Countries Care The Most About the Environment

These data show that, although there is a fairly high percentage of citizens interested in the environment, this contrasts with the low level of those who are concerned about climate change, which is the most important environmental emergency today. Also, although it is in Brazil where there is more interest, Chile is the country with the most robust public policies and a faster adaptation to clean and renewable energies. It must be taken into account that the levels of the countries in which the Amazon is located have very low percentages and their public policies are not fully adapted to the urgency of environmental protection and the fight against climate change.

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