Infographic: What’s Next for NASA’s Artemis Program?

The Orion Capsule has Returned to Earth After 25 days in Space. With this, the Artemis I Mission Concludes. However, There are Still many Steps in the Artemis Program that will Allow Humans to Return to the Moon and Then to Mars.

Orion Capsule

Photo: NASA

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The Orion capsule fell into Pacific waters, off the coast of Baja California, in Mexico, on December 11. Today, NASA scientists are studying the spacecraft and analyzing the results of the Artemis I Mission. This is a great success for the space agency. "It's historic, because now we're going back into space, deep space, with a new generation," said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. The Artemis program is one of the most important space projects for humanity today.

We tell you what's next for the Artemis I mission and its Orion capsule, and for the Artemis program in general:

NASA's Artemis Program

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Without a doubt, it is a historic mission and one of the utmost importance for humanity. However, beyond the technological and scientific advances that are taking place, it is worth reflecting on what is already being called the “lunar economy”. Millions of dollars are moving around in space, and these new advances on the moon are one of the biggest sources of investment. However, this is also related to space mining and the possible extraction of resources. In whose hands will these resources remain?

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