Isabel Cavelier Climate Breakthrough 2022 Winner

Isabel Cavelier Adarve is the second person and the first woman in Latin America to receive the 2022 Climate Breakthrough Award

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Isabel is a professional in Law and Languages and Sociocultural Studies from the Universidad de Los Andes. She has participated in international climate change negotiations and was the co-founder and director of Vision of Transforma.

She has worked as a consultant to the United High Commissioner for Human Rights and UN Women and as an advisor on environmental issues to the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mission2020, the latter company that protects the most vulnerable against climate change.

She has a Master of Laws from the University of Cambridge, England. She worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on environmental issues and was part of the negotiating team at COP 21.

Climate Breakthrough is the largest climate action grant for individuals.

The annual award is given to extraordinary changemakers who pursue their most ambitious and innovative climate change mitigation ideas that have the potential to transform entire industries or countries and materially change the lives of millions of people.

As a result, Isabel Cavelier will receive US$3 million that she will allocate to cultivate and support women leaders and civil society organizations seeking greater climate ambition from governments and the private sector in Latin America.

Isabel Cavelier Adarve (Colombia), James Irungu Mwangi (Kenya), Brikesh Singh, Sanjiv Gopal, and Vinuta Gopal (India) are the winners of this award

This year’s award recipients are exactly such leaders, and they share a commitment not only to addressing the climate crisis at scale but to doing so in ways that will improve the lives of and opportunities for the people in the communities most affected by this crisis,” said Savanna Ferguson, Executive Director of Climate Breakthrough.

In the words of Climate Breakthrough, Isabel Cavelier Adarve is a Colombian change agent who envisions an equitable transition to a clean, fair and regenerative economy and society throughout Latin America. She understood and harnessed the power of diplomacy to drive change in her time as a diplomat representing her country. She now wants to use that experience to nurture leaders, broadening and deepening her reach to bring climate policy to the top of the political agenda in Latin America. With the US$3 million Climate Breakthrough Award, Isabel hopes to: Nurture new, emerging, and existing climate leaders in the region, especially local women, who are well-trained, informed, and personally restored and equipped to step up change. And develop broad but unique strategies to further involve civil society in governments' climate commitments, contributing to the collaborative design of public policies that support the transition to a regenerative way of inhabiting our planet.

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