Sophia Kianni, the Youngest Activist at COP27

Sophia, the founder of @ClimateCardinal, and a Stanford student is the youngest person present at the 2022 United Nations climate change conference, COP27.

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She is an environmentalist with Iranian roots and a climate and public sciences student. The organization of which she is the founder, Climate Cardinals, has 8,000 volunteers in 40 countries and its purpose is focused on the translation into about 100 languages ​​of climate information around the world. In addition, she is part of the United Nations youth advisory group dealing with this issue.

Her activism has been the subject of interviews in international media such as Forbes, CNN, Business Insider, BBC, NPR, ELLE, TIME Magazine, The Guardian, NBC, and The Washington Post. She frequently lectures at universities throughout the United States, where she resides, and where she has been invited: Columbia University, UC Berkeley, Emory, and Harvard. She has a TED Countdown talk.

She has been featured as VICE Media's Youngest Human of the Year, National Geographic's Young Explorer, and BuzzFeed's Youngest Woman to Watch.

Sophia began her interest in climate activism at her school in Tehran, where the smog began to seriously affect her city and thus concluded about the accelerated pace of the consequences of global warming, so she began her journey by following Greta Thunberg and her group Fridays for Future where he became a national strategist and in 2019 he helped organize a strike around Black Friday and partnered with another group called Zera hour. In February 2020, Kianni was listed as a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

In founding her organization in 2020, she selected the name for Virginia's native state bird cardinalis cardinalis, and the worldwide flying information association. He began by translating into Persian everything related to the climate and the problem of warming and from there came the idea of ​​translating into different languages, since most articles were only available in English or some cases Chinese or Spanish and thus it was not possible for people from other latitudes had access to this data.

Currently, Climate Cardinals is sponsored by the International Student Environmental Coalition, whose modality offers students who volunteer to do translations, and receive hours of community service as compensation for their work with Sophia's NGO. Thus, it has been gaining a greater number of volunteers until reaching the figure of more than 5,000 with an average age of 16 years.

It has alliances with Unicef ​​and Translators Without Borders.

This is how the voice and presence of Sophia are counted among other figures such as Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate, Vladislav Kaim, Luisa Neubauer, Isabelle Axelsson, and Loukina Tille, who day by day exert greater pressure and critical analysis against the measures that are taken in various sectors and approaches, the actions, the geopolitical decisions, the sanctions against industrialized companies with high emissions, the sectors whose products are polluting, and the coherence of the speeches regarding the effectiveness of the campaigns and the destinations of economic amounts of support to the climate fight that should come from the world banks whose provisions are still insufficient.

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