These are the rarest creatures found that have baffled scientists

Globally, many strange creatures have been found and they disconcert both civilians and scientists

These are the rarest creatures found that have baffled scientists

Last week two creatures with very strange aspects were found and they have baffled the scientists. The first is an animal found on a beach on the Gower peninsula on the south coast of Wales, United Kingdom, which has a skeleton of 1.52 meters, a long head, a large jaw line, and its shape resembling that of a cetacean or a reptile.

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The second creature recently found is an animal with a look similar to that of a wolf. However, scientists have not yet been able to identify what species it is, because there are theories circulating on the Internet in which it is believed that it is a young grizzly bear, a “werewolf” or a relative of “big foot” .

While these are fascinating cases and the object of multiple theories, they are not the first unidentified creatures that appear around the world. Over the years, quite particular creatures have been found, among which we can highlight:

  • The whale of the Philippines: In February of the year 2017 a strange creature was found on the shores of the coasts of Cagdaianao in the Dinagat Islands. Among its most distinctive features were its abundant long and white fur and its length of 19 feet. The researchers, after examining the strange animal, concluded that it was the body of a whale that due to its advanced state of decomposition had these physical characteristics.

    The Whale of the Philippines

  • Strange Acapulco animal: In 2016, on the shores of Playa Bonfil, in the Diamond Zone of Acapulco, the corpse of a strange grayish marine animal was found, which had a length of 5 meters. The scientist Janmes Mead, an expert in evolutionary biology, concluded that it was the remains of a whale and that its strange appearance was due to its head separated from the skeleton.

    Strange Acapulco animal

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  • “Glyndon Monster”: In 2004, a strange-looking dog creature was found near Glyndon, Maryland. Those who saw it said it looked like a cross between a dog and a hyena. The strange animal had long fingers, a tail, and had some similarity with the human being. Many Internet users, when knowing the images of this creature, said that it was the mythical “chupacabra”, which owes its name to the habit of attacking and drinking the blood of cattle.

    Glyndon Monster

  • Strange creature in Australia: The rare animal was found in Lake Macquire in New South Wales in Australia, its appearance was similar to that of a prehistoric species. His body was similar to that of a giant eel, and the shape of its head was similar to that of a crocodile. The photograph of the creature taken by Ethan Tipper unleashed multiple opinions on social networks, some users argued that it was a saber fish, while others thought it was an image made through Photoshop. For his part, Marcos McGrouther, manager of the Australian Museum of Ichthology, said that it could be an eel pike, a species that can grow to almost two meters in length and has an elongated body, thin jaw, and large teeth.

    Strange creature in Aurtralia

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  • Mysterious marine creature from the island of Sakhalin: In 2015, a strange creature, twice as large as a human being, was found on the island of Sakhalin, with a huge mouth similar to the beak of a bird and hair on its tail. Nikolay Kim, deputy director of the forecasting department of the Fisheries and Oceanography Research Institute of Sakhalin said it could be a large dolphin that was probably brought to Russian waters by a warm current. However, he noted that the hair of this animal is unusual, because the dolphins do not have any type of fur.

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