United States will face a “Bomb cyclone”

Experts assured that the cyclone will bring more snow, ice, and strong winds to the East coast

Experts assured that the cyclone will bring more snow, ice, and strong winds to the East coast

Read in Spanish: Estados Unidos afrontará un “ciclón bomba”

United States is facing one of the strongest cold wave in the world. However, the forecast is discouraging: a Bomb Cyclone will affect the east coast on Thursday. According to the experts, the storm will affect from Georgia (in the south) to Maine (in the north), and also some provinces of Canada (New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) in the next days. Meteorologists expect that the cyclone will have the same characteristics as a winter hurricane.

It is called a Bomb Cyclone because the atmospherically pressure will drop very quickly. According to the Washington Post, this storm could be “the most intense storm in the East coast of the United Sates”.

This will continue to affect the panorama in the Easter states. Since the past weeks, the inhabitants of the area are facing low temperatures and chaos due to the snowfall that are breaking records.

The National Weather Service of the US already warned several cities in Florida due to winter storms. Furthermore, the Governor of the state, Rick Scott, warned tourists and residents of the north of the state, to be prepared for extremely cold weather conditions.

Nevertheless, people are not the only ones experiencing these unusual temperatures. In the past days, local authorities discovered three sharks death by freezing. The experts found the animals in the coasts of Cabe Con in Massachusetts.

Recently, turtles in the bay of Texas were rescued before they were freeze. The environmental organizations might be alert to determine the possible damage to more species after the “Bomb Cyclone” hits the American coasts.

Despite the unusual climate events, US President, Donald Trump, joked about it. At the beginning of the cold wave, the president tweeted that “perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming”. In spite of the fact that the climate change, the scientist community thinks that the unusual hot summers and cold winters are related to the Global Warming.

The Caribbean is facing a cold front

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the US, and the Institute for Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) in Colombia, warned that a cold front will affect some islands in the Caribbean. For example, the Colombian islands’ San Andres and Providencia. The authorities from the archipelago called the inhabitants and tourists to be aware of the waves and the rains. According to the press release, the cold front will affect the region next Monday.

The Panorama in Europe is similar

The winter in the north hemisphere is affecting several countries, not only the US. The winter storm Eleanor is hitting most of the northern countries in Europe, including Germany and France. The strong winds left, at least, one skier died in France, a derailed train in Switzerland, and many people injured in different countries. The 200km / h winds also affected the air traffic in Paris and the East of the country.

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