What is ‘Nuclear Winter’ and why should we worry?

Frozen rivers, totally disappeared species, and extreme cold temperatures, are part of the fatal consequences

What is 'Nuclear Winter' and why should we worry?

Leer en español: ¿Qué es el ´Invierno Nuclear´ y por qué debería preocuparnos?

When it comes to mass destruction, the human race seems to have endless strategies to achieve it and the ‘Nuclear Winter’ is just one of them. This is a global climatic phenomenon that would prevent the entry of Sunrays to the Earth due to the explosion of hydrogen or atomic bombs in large cities.

The concept of ‘nuclear winter’ has been studied since the ’80s, when scientists Paul Crutzen and John Birks conducted a series of investigations and simulations that aimed to determine the consequences that would leave an exchange of nuclear fire globally. When one of these weapons explodes, millions of dust particles and ash fly up to the stratosphere creating a layer that would prevent the sunrays from entering the Earth. When not entering the solar rays a kind of greenhouse of shadow and darkness is generated, which could end completely with animal species, plants, and finally the human race.

Under these consequences, the nuclear winter would take place, which due to the thermal isolation generated by the layer of toxic waste in the atmosphere, would end seasons and drastically lower the temperature of the planet. As a result, the vast majority of organic life in the world would extinguish.

As explained by the researcher of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences of Mexico, Epifanio Cruz, nuclear winter “would contaminate lakes, rivers, the environment, plants would not have photosynthesis, consequently there would be mortality of plant species, the chain of life it would be affected, and so all living beings would die slowly. It would be an almost eternal twilight that could take tens of years. “

Will the ‘nuclear winter’ come?

Due to the strengthening of the warlike power of countries that count atomic weapons, the fateful scenario of the winter gloom is increasingly possible. According to specialists’ calculations, only one fifth of the total atomic power available in the world would be enough to unleash the global catastrophe.

According to the expert Epifanio Cruz, the theory of nuclear winter has been analyzed using mathematical and physical models that calculate the biological and chemical impact of an event of such magnitude. It has been precisely these conclusions, which have detailed that while the immediate mortal impact of an atomic bomb today would have disastrous implications, the subsequent consequences that would silently and slowly kill the surviving population would be more deadly.

The end of the world caused by the eternal winter that plunges the Earth IGNORE INTO darkness has been a recurrent scenario for scientists and physicists, who seek to avoid the total destruction of humanity. It is not necessary to resort to imagination or mathematical calculations to decipher what could happen with the outbreak of an atomic conflict in the world. It is enough to remember what 60 million years ago happened to dinosaurs, when an asteroid 10 kilometers in diameter (smaller distance than Mexico City), hit the Earth, leaving much of the planet inert for decades and ending with three quarters parts of the species.

On that occasion, it was an inevitable natural impact. At present, the war power of countries like USA, Russia, North Korea, China and Israel, can be equally effective for the total destruction of humanity.


Latin American Post | Krishna Jaramillo
Translated from “¿Qué es el ´Invierno Nuclear´ y por qué debería preocuparnos?”

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