You can contribute to the conservation of the planet!

We constantly receive messages, campaigns, and initiatives to raise awareness about the urgency to take action to minimize the serious impact on the planet generated by our daily activities.

María Claudia Londoño D

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Changing a habit is quite difficult since we get used to following the routine that we have been doing for years, buying the same product packaging in the market, or using high-consumption energy sources.

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Every month of April for 70 years, World Earth Day has been celebrated, which becomes a new call to the population of the world, so that we start or continue with some changes, so necessary and urgent, which we can mention in this article.

Conservation of the planet

The important thing is that you convince yourself that it is not necessary to join great causes on the other side of the world, contribute a large amount of money to an NGO or change all customs at home in one fell swoop. Small actions count too.

Establish conversations on this topic in your family environment, with your friends, and in your company, to reach an agreement and draw up an action plan, share the initiatives that you have carried out, and thus everyone will join the objectives of the World Day of the Land!

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