She Is Maria Del Rio, Cultural Ambassador in Qatar

She is making known the art, culture, literature, and traditions of this part of the world that has all the international attention because of the World Cup.

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Chance and the activities of her husband, a native of Panama, led María to the Qatari country. There, she experienced in person the high hospitality and courtesy of Qatar when the Minister of Culture allowed them to celebrate a typical marriage in the country. From there, María de Río began to state that all the cultural wealth of that beautiful country was only available in Arabic, and she proposed to carry out the project of making it visible by translating into English and Spanish, promoting tourism from the Spanish-speaking continent to that country. making it a bridge between cultures.

Knowing Maria's point of view blurs many assertions that are made about this country, its customs, and traditions. Particularly on the issue of women, she ensures that all have access to education, including the University and thus Qataris have university degrees and even master's degrees in various careers.

She mentions that the Qatar Museum and Qatar Foundation are run by women, with the important mission of preserving and publicizing the essence of the country and making it known to the thousands of visitors and immigrants that currently make up its population. In such a way that she recommends visiting them, to know details of Qatar. She also notes that a visit to the Museum of Islamic Art should be on the agenda.

90% of the inhabitants in Qatar are foreigners 2.42%, of the total of three million people, come from Asia and especially from India.

According to figures from the Ministry of Planning and Statistics, Qatar's population density is 238 inhabitants/km², particularly located in Doha and Rayyan, the two main cities, made up of 2,008,241 men (72.4% of the total), and by 765,357 women, which constitute less than 27.6%.

 According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), women, by tradition, must consult their male guardians for absolutely everything, that is, their fathers, brothers, uncles, and husbands, who also decide their opportunity to exercise many basic rights. But gradually, according to Ashghal.gov, in recent years, Qatari women have become more involved in the fields of education, health, charities, the arts, law, the media, politics, the banks, and other sectors.

This is the vision that María de Río offers about this wonderful country that has amazed humanity with its wealth, the distribution of resources, innovations, and advances. And precisely its activity lies in making known what this country is essentially like and the opportunities it represents. You can visit the official account of her mariaqatar of her, to observe how this Mexican has fallen in love with her role and represents the modern cultural fusion.

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