Peru’s Callao Port Launches First Electric Truck Station in Latin America

Callao Port in Peru inaugurates Latin America’s first electric truck charging station, targeting carbon neutrality by 2030. This move by DP World, in partnership with Enel X Way, marks a significant leap in sustainable port operations across the region.

Callao, Peru’s bustling port city, has taken a pioneering step in the region’s maritime industry with the installation of Latin America’s first electric truck charging station at Muelle Sur. This groundbreaking initiative, part of the port’s ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, is powered by renewable energy and sets a new standard for environmental sustainability. It reflects a growing trend towards greener logistics solutions across Latin America.

A Shift Towards Clean Energy: Collaborative Efforts at Work

The new charging facility, a testament to the collaborative efforts of global port operator DP World and Enel X Way, is a substantial shift towards cleaner energy usage. It accommodates a fleet of 20 electric trucks for internal transportation, underscoring DP World’s commitment to environmental stewardship. This venture places the Callao port at the forefront of the maritime sector’s green transition, symbolizing the industry’s collective effort towards a sustainable future.

Sany Rodríguez, DP World’s Senior Director of Safety, Environment, and Sustainability, emphasized the project’s significance, noting its potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions. The initiative is expected to cut approximately 2,145 tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually, a substantial contribution to Peru’s environmental goals. This is seen as a catalyst for broader adoption of electric mobility in Peru, fostering a shift towards energy-efficient practices within the local market.

Global Commitment to Carbon Neutrality: DP World’s Investment

Globally, DP World is steering towards carbon neutrality in its operations, earmarking an investment of around $72 million (€66.4 million). Part of this investment is directed towards constructing an electric charging station equipped with solar panel canopies that provide sustainable power for lighting and operations, symbolizing the integration of renewable energy sources in port logistics.

The station boasts ten dual fast chargers, each with 200 KW capacity, making it the largest in Latin America with a total installed electrical infrastructure of 2MW. Alex Ascon from Enel X Way elaborated on the station’s capacity, underscoring its role in bolstering the region’s shift to sustainable energy sources.

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As Callao’s port transitions to cleaner energy solutions, it aligns with Peru’s environmental goals and sets a precedent for ports across Latin America. This move signals a broader regional momentum towards sustainable development, showcasing how traditional industries can innovate to meet the challenges of climate change and energy transition, thus contributing to a greener future for the shipping and logistics sector in Latin America and beyond.

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