The Wave of Violence in Ecuador Causes Fear in Peru, which Declares an Emergency on the Border

The announcement was made by the Peruvian Prime Minister, Alberto Otárola, at the end of an urgent meeting that he held this Tuesday with several members of the cabinet, including the ministers of the Interior and Defense, to analyze the situation facing the neighboring country, with which shares more than 1,500 kilometers of border.

Crisis on the Northern Border: Peruvian Government Acts with Determination

Otárola pointed out that “the first message” that the Government of President Dina Boluarte sends is “a call for calm, for tranquility” to the citizens of Piura and Tumbes, border regions with Ecuador.

He added that at the meeting of ministers, it was decided the “immediate trip of the ministers of Defense (Jorge Chávez) and Interior (Víctor Torres) to Tumbes so that they can coordinate protection actions on the ground.”

“The entire northern border of the country is going to be declared an emergency; in November an (emergency) was declared that covers both Tumbes and Piura, but now it will also include (the regions of) Amazonas, Cajamarca and Loreto,” he explained.

Condemnation of Acts of Violence

The prime minister confirmed that “when a state of emergency is declared, the Armed Forces are ordered to come to support the National Police” and reiterated that this decision seeks to “give calm and tranquility to the population of Piura and Tumbes.”

“What corresponds to us is to ensure the interests and security of our country,” he emphasized.

The situation in Ecuador also led the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a statement stating that the Government of Peru “strongly condemns the acts of violence that occurred” and expressed “its support for the Government of President Daniel Noboa and the institutionality and stability “. democracy in Ecuador”.

State of Exception in Ecuador: Peru Observes with Concern

On Monday, Noboa decreed a state of emergency throughout his country for sixty days, which includes a night curfew, while this Tuesday he declared an “internal armed conflict” due to attacks by organized crime groups whom he identified as ” terrorists.”

The ruler issued the decree at times of great tension in Ecuador due to car explosions in different cities, attacks with explosives, kidnapping of police officers, and retention of penitentiary agents in the prisons themselves.

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On television, it was observed live when the hooded men subdued the channel’s staff in full live broadcast and then shots and screams were heard until the Police arrived. At the same time, institutions such as the University of Guayaquil and commercial premises in Quito closed their doors due to fear of violence.

The mayor of Guayaquil, Aquiles Álvarez, later reported that at least eight people were killed and two others were injured in several armed attacks recorded in various parts of that coastal city, shortly after a heavily armed group occupied the facilities of the TC Televisión channel and will take the employees hostage.

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