The Peruvian Navy Launches the First Modernized Submarine in its Shipyards

The Peruvian Navy (MPG) completed this Wednesday the "historic milestone" of launching the first of the four submarines being modernized in the Lima port of Callao shipyards with German technical assistance.

Modernized submarine of the Peruvian Navy

12/27/2023.- Photograph provided by the Andina Agency showing a modernized submarine of the Peruvian Navy, in the port of Callao, Lima (Peru). EFE/ Courtesy Andina


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An Achievement for the Peruvian Naval Industry

The MPG pointed out on the social network at the German shipyard Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft (HDW) in Kiel.

"This project is transcendental in the acquisition of SIMA's construction capabilities since for the first time in Peru it is possible to cut the resistant hull of a submarine unit to replace diesel engines, power wiring, valves, and pipes and weld it again", highlighted the Peruvian Navy.

He added that "all their electronic equipment will also be replaced with state-of-the-art sensors, highlighting the installation of a low-frequency flank sonar, which represents an important technological leap, placing our submarines on par with the most modern in the world."

Ceremony Chaired by Defense and Production Authorities

The ceremony was presided over by the Peruvian Minister of Defense, Jorge Chávez, accompanied by the Minister of Production, Ana María Choquehuanca, and other authorities of the Executive, the Navy and civil and military guests.

The defense maintained that this modernization is part of the project "Recovery of Submarine Capacity in the Maritime Theater of Operations", which is executed "within the framework of a typical half-life repair process, with cutting of resistant hull for 4 submarine units of type 209" of the MPG.

The production also considered this modernization "a milestone" and emphasized that "the Peruvian productive sector has been key to this achievement."

Future Projection of Submarine Modernization

"Various sectors participate in this and other projects, such as foundry, metalworking, and electrical services, strengthening industrial development in the country," he said.

In this way, the "BAP Chipana" is the first submarine of the type 209-1200, of the Angamos class, to be modernized by SIMA, which will do the same with a second unit, the "BAP Antofagasta".
Through the MGP fleet capacity recovery project, the submarines "BAP Angamos" and "BAP Pisagua" will subsequently be modernized.

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The work on the first unit was carried out by SIMA technicians with the assistance and supervision of specialists from the German shipyard ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH (TKMS).

The submarine, which has new engines, a firing and combat system, periscopes, and the ability to launch Exocet anti-ship missiles, will now undergo port and navigation tests, before being reincorporated into the Peruvian naval fleet.

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