Incels, New Social Threat

They are men who never have sex. Not because they ditch them.

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They are grown men who have not had many of life's first great and significant experiences. They have not had a first kiss, nor a date, much less a girlfriend at school, an adventure in college, they have only known rejection.

For the "manosphere" (Manosphere in English. A complicated subculture that interacts in blogs, forums, and networks focusing on hatred and resentment towards feminism and women in general), in that space, there are numerous articles on how the world was divided in "chads", naturally attractive and dominant men, and incels. In the same way, there are the "Stacys" or the "Beckys."

They are known as "incels", after the acronym in English for involuntary celibate. They are legion on platforms like 4chan, Reddit, and forums like But there are all kinds of them, there are glymcels, which lift weights as a way to compensate; chincels, who believe that all they need is an extra “few millimeters of bone” in their jaws; currycels or ricecels, Asian variants that blame their race for their "unattractiveness"; mentalcels, who blame mental illness; wristcels, who blame their little wrists; and the fakecels, whose suffering is temporary.

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The problem of these people begins to become evident when those who feel that for being kind to a woman she owes them something, then they feel frustrated and even vindictive when she does not reciprocate or sees them as a "cool guy" and that's it. This is where the roots of what becomes a real risk for society are planted. They believe that no amount of self-improvement will help them, that all women are attracted only to tall, perfect white men, and that the proper response to such a cruel world is to take revenge on the world. Two notable cases stand out:

The one on the Isla Vista (California) university campus in 2014, when Eliot Rodger murdered six people as an act of revenge for rejection. Or the case of Toronto in 2018 when Alek Minassian, 25, killed ten pedestrians shortly after posting on Facebook “The Rebellion of the Incel started! All hail Supreme Knight Eliot Rodger!”

Rodger and Minassian were extreme radicals, but most incels start as non-violent people, they are usually the guys we refer to as "losers." They can be men or women; in fact, the first person to coin the term "incel" was a Canadian university student. She created a website called "Alana's Involuntary Celibacy Project" designed to "create an inclusive community for those who are sexually deprived due to social discomfort, marginalization, or mental illness."

There is a general reality that people like to pretend that does not exist: the world is not fair, sex and traction are not distributed equally. There will always be men and women who conquer more and not necessarily because they are better people, but because they have better bodies, they are more attractive, they have more confidence thanks to that appearance.

Nevertheless, neither sex nor relationships are a right. Not even the people who do find this type of sex-affective relationship represent enemies or objects. The problem of extremism in the Incels arises from otherness as the foundation and for feminism and women. In particular, it can be a problem due to the obligatory category assigned to the correspondence of affections.

These types of behaviors and thoughts are characteristic of reactionary and fanatical people, with classifications not so distant from those that the Nazis made of the Jews during the Second World War. The fundamental “otherness” under which the Incels classify the rest of the world, dehumanizes those who are different from them and condones everything from objectification to murder without remorse.

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