5 Lessons Every Early Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Becoming an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, especially when you are new and every step you take requires a lot of effort.

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Before jumping into a new professional adventure, here are some truths you need to know to make the experience of founding your own business more enjoyable.

Many entrepreneurs learn things the hard way, but you don't have to. The Woman Post brings you some wise words from an expert to save you many headaches in your way as an early entrepreneur.

Natalie Elizabeth Ellis is a Serial Entrepreneur, Content Creator & Investor in women-owned companies. In 2016, she founded BossBabe, one of the world's largest online communities of ambitious women who want to step into entrepreneurship. As she explains on her LinkedIn profile, "BossBabe aims to provide inspiration, information, and resources for women looking to level up their career or launch and scale their own business."

Here are five truths from Ellis that every early entrepreneur needs to hear.

1. You Are Not Your Business

You are not your business's success, failures, revenue, or impact. Don't make the mistake of trying your business to your own identity. It will leave you feeling unfulfilled and "not enough" every time, no matter how successful you are.

2. If You’re Not Making Money, Your Business Is Just an Expensive Hobby

If you're a self-funded business, then you'll need access to cash like having a line of credit or loan to manage your business effectively. Your money might be a start slow, but it shouldn't always be that way, and at some point, it needs to change.

Set a revenue goal, figure out how to reach it, and don't stop. Get resourceful, take opportunities and ask for guidance.

3. Your Best Idea Is Worth Nothing Without Action

How many times has someone "done" your idea before you? We all have ideas, but the people who execute on them are the ones who win. You're never going to feel ready, "someday" isn't going to come; your idea deserves action anyways.

The question is: Do you believe in yourself, and your idea is enough to take steps to make it happen?


4. Not Everyone Gets a Microphone

Not everyone understands entrepreneurship. Not everyone gets an opinion on your work. Be picky about who you hand the microphone to. You get to decide who you take advice from about your business.

Don't take advice from someone who hasn't been or isn't where you want to go.

5. Your Quality of Self-Care Will Reflect Your Quality of Work

Burnout is real. Don't be its next casualty. If you really love your business, time apart will do you good.

Get some sunshine, take a long walk, or spend time with your friends. Don't worry: Your business will be waiting for you when you return.

These business lessons from Natalie Elizabeth Ellis are very handful, especially if you are in the early stage of your business. By following these tips, your work will start feeling more rewarding and exciting!

Remember that taking time for yourself and taking care of your mental and physical health will help you do better at work.

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