9 Jobs With the Most Current Demand in Latin America

2020 was a difficult year in terms of employment. The pandemic dealt a hard blow to economic indicators in all Latin American countries, increasing unemployment and taking it to high levels.

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However, the new reality boosted sectors of the economy, on which the economic reactivation is based.

The dynamics fostered by the pandemic and its control measures affected the reality of many industries, which have had to devise new ways of sustaining themselves in order to stay afloat. However, not all economic sectors were negatively impacted, given that the work of some sectors became important to contain the impact of the pandemic or to design new forms of business. 

Thus, the labor market is showing a phenomenon where there is a significant increase in the demand for some professions and a sharp decrease in the hiring of some services. 

Experts point out that it is important for governments to understand the need to determine the most requested professions because in order to reduce unemployment indicators it is crucial to understand which are the sectors that need human capital, and thus invest in transcendental training programs that boost economic development. 

It is for this reason that The Woman Post makes a list of the 9 most demanded professions in the Latin American labor market: 

1. Intensive care professionals

The health emergency highlighted the role within society of all professionals linked to the health sciences; doctors, nurses, and nursing assistants experienced an increase in the demand for their services. 

However, the demand for professionals specialized in intensive care management increased exponentially, making them the most requested profession in the health sciences.

#Cuba has 28,000 doctors working in 61 countries right now. On top of that it has sent 14 medical teams to help with anti-#COVID19 effort in Europe and Latin America. How does it manage to do that? The details in my latest for @AJEnglish

— Mariya Petkova (@mkpetkova) March 31, 2020

2. Mental health professionals

The restrictive measures and the impact of the virus on hundreds of families caused that mental health professionals acquired an important value in the management of the emergency. The mental health of many citizens was affected by confinement, family problems, business and work failures, and constant fear.

For this reason, the services offered by professionals in charge of mental health had an increase of more than 20% in Latin America, in order to control an issue of great importance for the society's order.

3. Digital marketing professionals

The digitalization of several sectors of the economy increased the hiring of these services. The quarantines caused many businesses to approach the digital world, with the aim of reactivating their business; and thus continue with the operation of many companies. 

Consequently, marketing assistants and advisors, specialists in digital marketing, and digital strategy consultants experienced an increase in the demand for their services.


4. Digital content creators

Internet activity increased during 2020 as a consequence of the pandemic. Consequently, the number of people who consume digital content increased, leading to many opportunities for animators, copywriters, video editors, and digital artists in the labor market. 

5. Software experts

Due to the growth, development, and use of technology as a business tool, programmers have become a fundamental piece to position a company in the digital world, as well as to maintain a correct systematization of the information. Likewise, the constant creation of programs that simplify and improve the capabilities and conditions of human beings require a large number of people linked to this area. 

6. BPO Agents

With business digitalization, customer service is one of the areas that provide more work in Latin America. Industries linked to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) continue to expand throughout Latin America. The internationalization of these companies generates thousands of jobs, having Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru as its major recipients.

Teleperformance in Colombia was present at the most important event of the BPO association in Latin America. With our high-tech, high-touch approach, we offer integrated solutions that drive innovation through digital transformation and human touch. #Teleperformance

— Teleperformance (@Teleperformance) May 30, 2019

7. Teachers

Educational institutions are a significant source of employment in the region. According to data from several portals, the demand for teachers, tutors, and educational support staff has increased by 20% in recent years. 

The use of educational platforms as an alternative method of formal education has encouraged the hiring of professionals in this area. 

8. Logistics assistants

With the increase of digital commerce, logistics companies have presented an upturn in their services. Therefore, the number of people with knowledge in the reception and delivery dynamics of goods and products has increased.

E-commerce en Latinoamérica: en algunos países el pago con tarjeta ya supera al uso de dinero en efectivo #ecommerce #digital #marketing

— YuMe Latin America by RhythmOne (@YuMe_Latam) February 28, 2018

9. Real estate agent 

One of the professions that have faced the consequences of the COVID-19 economy are real estate agents. The movements of buying and selling of real estate or the change of residence as a result of the pandemic and the new reality boosted the work of these professionals, who have been in charge of facing the current needs of the clients in this area. 

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