Argentina’s Lionel Messi Ignites MLS Excitement with Full Season Debut Enhancing’ MLS Season Pass’ on Apple TV

Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi, embarking on his first entire season in Major League Soccer (MLS), becomes the centerpiece of the American League, enhancing the launch of the ‘MLS Season Pass’ on Apple TV.”

Lionel Messi’s Impact on MLS: A Season of Excitement

As Major League Soccer (MLS) enters a new era, all eyes are on Lionel Messi, the Argentinian football legend set to spend his first entire season with Inter Miami. His presence has significantly amplified the excitement surrounding the league, particularly with the opening of subscriptions for the ‘MLS Season Pass’ on Apple TV. This marks the second year of the league’s ten-year partnership with Apple.

Messi’s impact on MLS has been monumental. After joining Inter Miami mid-season in 2023, he has registered impressive numbers, drawing global attention to the league. This year, the MLS Season Pass announced its availability to fans in over 100 countries, further expanding the league’s international reach.

After reflecting on the partnership’s first year, Apple Services expressed how the association with MLS exceeded expectations and attracted more fans to the league than ever before. “We look forward to building on this momentum, celebrating Messi’s first complete season in the league, and offering MLS fans the best possible experience,” said a representative from Apple Services.

Beyond Regular Matches: Unprecedented Access

The MLS Season Pass is not just about regular league matches. It will also stream all games of the Leagues Cup, the MLS All-Star, and the MLS playoffs, offering unprecedented access to North American soccer. Additionally, fans can follow Messi’s international preseason tour, which includes matches against Al Hilal, Al Nassr, a selection of players from Hong Kong, and Japan’s Kobe. The season’s final friendly against Newell’s Old Boys at the DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale is also on the schedule.

“The launch of the MLS Season Pass was a transformative moment for our league, as soccer fans worldwide could watch MLS matches without restrictions and with excellent production quality, thanks to our partnership with Apple,” stated an MLS spokesperson.

In a groundbreaking move, Apple TV announced a forthcoming docuseries, still untitled, offering exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Messi as he debuted in the Leagues Cup and the 2023 MLS season. This series will give fans an intimate look at one of soccer’s most extraordinary talents adapting to a new league and culture.

Behind the Scenes with Messi

Adding to the excitement, MLS announced the release of “World Cup: The Rise of a Legend” on February 21, 2024. This documentary is touted as the first official and definitive account of Messi’s sensational career with the Argentinian national team and his participation in five FIFA World Cups.

A new feature in this year’s MLS Season Pass is ‘MLS 360’, which offers live footage of each match, expert analysis, and commentary available to all Spanish-speaking fans. This addition underscores the league’s commitment to engaging its diverse fan base and enhancing the viewing experience.

Messi’s arrival in MLS marks a significant milestone in the league’s history. His presence elevates the quality of play and brings a global spotlight to a league growing in stature and popularity. With Messi at the forefront, the MLS is poised to capture the imagination of soccer fans worldwide, further solidifying its place as a significant player in the global soccer landscape.

Anticipation for Messi’s Debut

The anticipation for Messi’s full-season debut is palpable among soccer enthusiasts. His track record of excellence and ability to captivate audiences with his skill on the field promise to make the upcoming MLS season one of the most exciting and closely watched in recent memory.

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As the MLS continues to evolve and attract top talent worldwide, adding a player of Messi’s caliber is a testament to the league’s growing appeal and ambition. With the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV, fans are guaranteed a front-row seat to all the action, drama, and excitement of what promises to be a landmark season in North American soccer.

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