Can a moving company also be a logistics company?

Moving company and logistics company are two terms used interchangeably. But, are moving companies and logistic companies the same?

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Moving company and logistics company are two terms used interchangeably. But, are moving companies and logistic companies the same? Well, there is a lot of information to share on this topic to answer it correctly and this blog is all about it. This post has details of the similarities and differences between moving companies and logistic companies. It is important to note that most of the national moving companies offer logistic solutions but this does not mean that all logistic companies offer relocation solutions. So, what is it all about? Let us decode in this post:

What is a moving company?

What do you mean from a moving company? Well, in simple words, a moving company offers you service when you are relocating from one place to another. There are different types of relocation services that you get from a moving company. You can hire a moving company for local relocation, interstate relocation, interstate relocation, intrastate relocation, and international moves. The moving company will help you move your belongings, safely and securely to the new place. Relocation services can be for a house relocation or for relocating a business.

What is a logistics company?

Though logistics companies are very similar to moving companies, they do an entirely different job. The key job of a logistics company is to plan, implement, and control the movement and storage of goods that are being relocated from one place to another. Although it can be termed as relocation, it is of a different kind. This makes it obvious why many people confuse moving companies with logistics companies. When moving internationally, you will have to avail of the services of a moving company or a logistics company or maybe both.

Are you moving internationally?

If you are planning to move to another country, you must be very careful about the planning. You must start preparing for this transition in time. The first requirement you need to address is finding a reliable national moving company. However, you will also need a freight forwarder. Now, here is when things become intimidating. You only get to know about freight forwarders when you have to relocate internationally. However, having enough information about these professionals is also important as you have to pay for their services as well.

International movers Vs. Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are the professionals responsible for offering international relocation logistics services. This means that they are specialized companies. On the other hand, international moving companies are concerned about the on-ground packing and transportation of the personal belongings of home movers and businesses. However, it is very much possible that some international moving companies may also offer logistics support.

Sometimes even the freight forwarders may charge of your moving requirements. Moving companies and logistics companies are different but at times, a company may offer both services. So, in one line, some moving companies can be logistics companies. However, you must focus on the word some here as not all the moving companies are logistics companies and vice versa. If you are planning to move internationally, it is recommended to choose a company that offers both the services to save costs.

Why do you need a moving company as well as a logistics company at the same time?

You will need a moving company as well as a logistics company at the same time when you are moving internationally. Because the process of relocating internationally is very expensive, paying for both the services seems to be another expensive affair. Here it is worth understanding that moving companies might not have the right licenses to move goods from one country to another. This is where you will need freight forwarders as they are licensed toperform such tasks. What you must do is hire a moving company to help you pack and move your belongings to a certain point from where the freight forwarders take charge of it and ship it internationally. In most cases, a moving company has tie-ups with the freight forwarders.

What is the job of freight forwarders?

We know that all the above-mentioned information must have made you curious about the job and role of freight forwarders. Well, the key job of freight forwarders is to ship international cargos. They are also responsible for tracking, obtaining permits, and dealing with customs regulations in the various countries where they deliver the goods. Freight forwarders are involved in international relocations only and rarely can be handling a local or domestic relocation.

What is the average cost of hiring a moving company and freight forwarders?

It is a clear fact that moving is a costly affair. The moving companies may charge you extra because they have to further engage freight forwarders to help move the belongings. So, how much does moving and freight forwarding costs in 2020? Well, you must be prepared to pay a minimum of $100 per hour and nothing below that. It is very important to know the difference between moving companies and logistics companies. Hiring the best service provider is a moving hack that helps you with a smooth moving process and a great experience. So, now that you know the difference, make sure you engage with the right service provider.

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