Get to know brands that aim to decontaminate rivers, seas, and oceans

There are initiatives from international brands that are linked by establishing a chain of collection, cleaning, and reuse of this waste, generating new products.

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As women who oversee household purchases or make decisions in companies, we can choose to purchase these items that are definitely in search of reducing pollution in rivers and seas.

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Hewlett Packard. The Elite Dragonfly laptop was the first computer in the world made from plastics collected from the bottom of the seas. For this series, HP recovered 35 million plastic bottles. On the other hand, 450 tons of recycled plastic were used to create cartridges for printers.

NortonPoint. This brand makes sunglasses with plastic collected from the coasts of Haiti. By purchasing them, you are contributing 5% of their profits to go to research, education, and projects programs aimed at reducing the impact of plastic in the oceans and, you support the purpose of this brand to clean one pound (0, 45 kilograms) of plastic from the seas.

SAJU. This Colombian firm also makes glasses, accessories, and its new product ear cuffs with recycled plastic, which it offers in innovative colors and designs, revolutionizing the market for younger generations.

Adidas x Parley. To make each pair of sneakers in this line, around 11 plastic bottles are used. The garments in this collection use 75% recycled plastic material for their manufacture. Adidas' goal for 2024 is to stop using virgin polyester.

GOT BAG. This company, based in Germany, makes bags and backpacks using and sorting PET (polyethylene terephthalate) waste collected by fishermen in Indonesia.

Shore Tex. It also puts various models of backpacks and fanny packs on the market using plastic waste collected in rivers and seas in the Philippines. The Plastic Bank is a partner of this brand, opening job opportunities for marine recovery work, and meeting its goal of removing 5 pounds (approximately 2.27 kilograms) of marine debris for each product sold.

Miahmo. Barcelona company offers its line of swimsuits in various bikini designs in striking colors, based on plastics and fishing nets collected from the oceans.

VEPA. Dutch firm uses plastic bottles collected from Amsterdam canals to produce furniture, tables, chairs, acoustic panels, and lamps with a design inspired by the Plastic Whale line.

AIBA Studio. He uses other marine plastic waste, which is abandoned buoys and turns them into hanging lamps. PVC is handled with a process that results in an irregular and handmade finish and texture.

Surely in your country, there are many initiatives that are on this same path. Choose to support them and purchase their products.

But these efforts by these and other companies should not represent a relief from our responsibility in terms of reducing the use of plastic bottles. We can then choose to buy drinks in glass bottles, buy thermoses to drink all the water we want to consume, reusing them repeatedly. In our snacks, we can keep water to fill our thermos as many times as we want, with fresh water.

We can buy small glasses with steel straws for our snacks or our children's, and thus avoid the use and disposal of bottles and straws. We can also replace plastic containers with metal containers to store our purchases in the pantry.

Each action counts, adds up, and contributes. Don't hesitate to adopt these new practices, suggest them to our family and coworkers!

Together we can reduce the serious impact that is being reported in the rivers, seas, and oceans in our environment, our country, and throughout the world.

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