How to Get More Followers on Your LinkedIn Business Page?

LinkedIn is the online hub for companies and business professionals. If you can get more followers on your LinkedIn business page, you will extend your professional network across a global community.

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If your organization does not yet have a LinkedIn company page, you are missing out on considerable B2B marketing opportunities. This article will help you understand the importance of LinkedIn followers for your business and how to get more.

Essential Tips to Get More Followers on LinkedIn Business Page

Gaining followers for your LinkedIn business page requires an effective strategy. Here are eleven tips to maximize your efforts.

1) Set up Your LinkedIn Business Page

Having an appealing business page will help convert your target audience into dedicated followers. It is the first impression of your business many will get, so ensure you make it as slick and professional as possible. 

Give your audience plenty of information about your company to encourage them to follow you. Also, ensure your profile includes relevant keywords to help them find you in searches.

2) Post-High-Quality Content

Posting great content that adds value to your audience’s experience will inspire more of them to follow you. LinkedIn’s most successful influencers and thought leaders use the platform to inform, inspire, and educate others. Your content should include plenty of relevant information on your specialist area. Also, including a variety of visual resources, such as images and videos, will keep your audience interested.

3) Use Relevant Hashtags

Including relevant hashtags in your posts and profile, descriptions will help people discover your business page, subsequently leading them to follow you. LinkedIn’s algorithm uses hashtags to recommend content to users. Therefore, include popular or trending hashtags that are relevant to your company and target audience to increase your exposure.

4) Post Content Regularly

It isn’t sufficient to post the occasional piece of content. You must ensure your posting is consistent. If your audience knows you’ll post new content according to a schedule, they will be more likely to follow your company. 

Posting at the right time is also crucial for success. LinkedIn is a business platform, so working hours are the best time to upload new content. If you post between 10 am and 3 pm, you’ll give your audience an opportunity to get settled into their day before engaging with your content. It also means you are not distracting them as their working day draws to a close. Therefore, create a content calendar and post during these active hours to encourage followers.

5) Add Follow Button

Often, getting more followers comes down to making it convenient and straightforward for your audience. To that end, you should provide a link to your LinkedIn profile wherever you can. 

For instance, consider adding links to your LinkedIn company page on your website, blog, and email signature. Also, include linked follow buttons so people can follow you with a single click.

6) Join More Conversations

Joining conversations with your community is a great way to interact with your audience, demonstrate your knowledge, and express your opinions. Each of these will help your brand grow more followers as you’ll gain more credibility. Therefore, get involved with relevant LinkedIn events and LinkedIn groups, and include community hashtags in your posts and conversations.

7) Ask Your Employees to Follow

One of the quickest and easiest ways to grow followers for your business page is to ask your team members, colleagues, friends, and other connections to follow. As they already have a link to you, either professionally or socially, they’ll be more likely to follow your company.

8) Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

A direct way to target potential followers is to run ad campaigns. LinkedIn provides various ad formats depending on your preferred outcome and budget. In many situations, these can be the only way some will have an opportunity to view your profile, so vary your ads to find a format that works best.

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9) Cross Promote on Other Social Networks

Many professionals and businesses have yet to use LinkedIn, but they have accounts on other social media platforms. Subsequently, sharing a link to your company page on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube can increase your exposure, leading to more followers. Therefore, consider cross-promotion on other social networks as part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

10) Buy LinkedIn Followers

A fast and straightforward method of achieving more followers on LinkedIn is to buy them. Moreover, it takes time and effort to encourage people to follow you, and that costs money. Therefore, purchasing followers can be a cost-effective strategy.

Buying followers will give you instant credibility and the social proofing you need to succeed online. When you gain these, you will have a better chance of getting more organic followers.

If you buy LinkedIn followers for your business page from Media Mister, you can be sure they come from genuine users with real accounts. 

Media Mister is an established social media services provider. They’ve been delivering high-quality, targeted services for over a decade. Their track record for customer service is unrivaled, and you’ll have peace of mind with their money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver on time.

11) Use LinkedIn Page Analytics

LinkedIn provides a range of analytics that helps you optimize your page and content. When you have such insights, you can build solutions that help get your audience more excited about your company, subsequently encouraging more to follow you.


Getting more followers for your LinkedIn business page requires a tailored and effective marketing strategy. If you can achieve this, you will increase your company’s credibility and brand awareness. These eleven tips to get more followers for your business page have given you the knowledge you need to succeed on this professional networking platform.

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