Linkedln: the 5 most wanted jobs

Professional profiles with a high job offer in the last 10 years.

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The latest analysis of the social network LinkedIn on the careers most requested by companies in the last 10 years worldwide, give guidelines to future university students regarding their work destination and will allow professionals to acquire new skills from the Following specialties detailed by the company.

1. Data Analysis

LinkedIn includes this among its top 10 most demanded jobs, with more than 360,000 vacancies of this type in social media. Data or Big Data analysts are Professionals in charge of extracting, cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing data. The skills associated with this specialty focus on statistical knowledge, programming, and business intelligence. The objective is to be able to know and understand the data in order to make predictions and anticipate changes.

Julia Díaz, director of Innovation for Health and Energy Predictive at the IIC (Institute of Knowledge Engineering) of Spain, recognizes that data analysts must know more than Excel and SQL. They have a profile in which there is a lot of variety. "Big Data is not everything that is analyzed in an Excel and an analyst is not one who knows how to paint graphs on it," explains the expert. Power BI is a data and analytics reporting tool by Microsoft that helps organizations build interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities. One of the reasons why many professionals are opting for Power BI certification

2. Customer Service Specialist

Customer service specialists create strategies to communicate, learn to listen, and always manage solutions and take care of the best experience for a customer. Good treatment and conflict resolution are some of the fundamental skills to fit this profile.

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3. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing is a set of sales and marketing strategies that uses social media and electronic media to be executed. This job has generated 850,000 vacancies on Linkedln.

The specialty is key to the current market, which is why companies like Google offer free courses to learn how to use notice and sales systems, through platforms such as Google Analytics Academy. This academy also provides the possibility of deepening the content, with different levels, from the most basic to the most complete. Udemy and other platforms with MOOCs also have courses in this area, focused on different professional needs.

4. Closer to sales

It is one of the oldest profiles on LinkedIn's list of the most demanded, with more than 8.5 million online vacancies.

The Closer is the figure that increases the flow of high-value sales. According to his calculations, it increases the sales capacity of any business by up to 90% of high-value sales.

Successful sellers must know how to instill confidence, be attentive to their customers, engage new buyers, and influence their decisions. Listening, persuading, and negotiating, being empathetic are some of the fundamental skills for a good salesperson. Sales techniques or the fundamentals of negotiation are part of everything that sales close must know to be able to work in this job with high demand.

5. Graphic designer

LinkedIn marks 355,000 vacant positions with these requirements.

A graphic designer creates visual concepts and expresses ideas that inspire, inform, and transform. They are creatives who think and communicate visually, through the design of the image.

Today, portals like Udemy, Domestika, and Crehana offer courses to learn how to design like a professional. Also available is Behance, an Adobe platform that has positioned itself as the leading portal for graphic designers. When e-marketing and social media occupy an important place in global sales, design, and strategies to manage the brand image becomes a priority profession and a job with high demand.

LinkedIn is a US online service and social network with more than 675 million users, geared towards business, employment, and the development of global market analysis studies on employment. It operates through websites and mobile applications.

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